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Pain months after ectopic surgery where tube used to be

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worryworryworrywomble Mon 06-Jan-20 22:44:12

I had surgical removal of my right tube due to ectopic a few months ago. I've had a few periods since then that were normal. This month we have started to ttc again but I've got pain where my Fallopian tube was. I'm petrified it's another ectopic but if the tube is gone surely it can't be. I'm due on next week so too early to test

What else could it be?

Anyone been through this?

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Freshnewus Mon 06-Jan-20 22:50:20

Best be on the safe side, take a test and Contact your GP. I also had pain which turned out to be scar tissue. If you find out it isn't anther ectopic, consider some massage techniques to loosen the scar tissue.

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