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Worth trying to get another scan? :(

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Moominmiss Sun 22-Dec-19 21:06:14

Hi everyone,
So I should be 7+6 based on my lmp. However on Wednesday I had some spotting (red when I wiped occasionally, nothing on a pad). I phoned my GP (as I’d not yet seen the midwife), and he referred me to EPAU.
I visited the EPAU on Thursday morning where they am did a transvaginal scan.
The sonographer could see a sac, yolk sac and fetal pole measuring 3.5mm but no heartbeat. She dated me at ‘around 6 weeks’ where I thought I was 7+3. I could have ovulated slightly later though as I didn’t track it.
I have had light bleeding ever since it began on Wednesday. But only occasionally on wiping. And with occasional cramps, not as bad as af.
The EPAU booked to see me again on New Year’s Eve (12 days after the last scan) so I still have another 8 days to wait for that scan which is utter torture. They were confident that by then we would have a definite answer and either the pregnancy will have progressed, or it will look the same and therefore not be viable, or I might miscarry between then and the scan.
I was given a 24hour number to call if anything got worse.
Today I had cramping probably as bad as regular af cramps, and when I went to the toilet after wiping there was a significant amount of red blood on the tissue and a few very small clots, much smaller than my little finger nail.
The cramps almost immediately died down.
I was fairly confident I would miscarry following the last scan, but I don’t know whether I have bled enough and passed enough clots for it to be ‘done’.
Is it worth contacting the EPAU to see if they can scan me sooner than New Year’s Eve?
It feels awful being in limbo and I just want confirmation that the miscarriage is complete.
I have a photo of what I just passed but don’t want to gross everyone out!
Thank you for reading and I’m so sorry to anyone going through similar xxx

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Everybodysaycheese Sun 22-Dec-19 21:29:38

So sorry to hear you're going through this. I went through the same thing a couple of months ago and the waiting was complete and utter torture. From experience though they will not move the scan forward, you just have to wait it out as tough as it is. I was told to take a pregnancy test two days before the repeat scan though (if it was negative, miscarriage was complete and if not, scan was still required.)
Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you. I tried to keep things as normal as possible in that two week period but it was very difficult. Sending you a handhold.

Pegase Sun 22-Dec-19 21:35:15

You need a decent interval between scans to see progress. One of my mc had the exact symptoms you describe I'm afraid but have also had a successful pregnancy with bleeding so hope you do have good news

CFlemingSmith Sun 22-Dec-19 21:42:53

Really hoping for positive news for you. I had a scan around 5 weeks which was then followed by severe cramping and bright red bleeding....I now have a wonderful 1 year old DS and I really hope you have the same outcome

VenusStarr Sun 22-Dec-19 22:16:59

The waiting is horrendous, ❤️ I've had 2 missed miscarriages this year and had 3 scans for both, having to wait a week or two between each. I found the last scan helpful as both times I knew I had passed the baby but wanted confirmation that it was complete.

I hope you get a resolution soon. Be kind to yourself xxx

Moominmiss Sun 22-Dec-19 22:21:35

Thank you all for your words.
Im not expecting any positive outcome from this, I just hoped I might be able to get confirmation sooner than nye that it was complete so I can treat this as the start of my next cycle.
I have my daughters to keep me occupied over Christmas so hopefully the time will pass without me thinking about it all too much. I just hope that the worst is over. I keep reading about women passing much larger clots and I’m wondering if I still have that to come or if because I was only 6 weeks it could just appear like a regular period.
But thank you all again, and so sorry to those of you that have experienced it, or are currently experiencing it xxx

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Pegase Mon 23-Dec-19 06:41:10

If the baby was lost quite early, in my experience it was just red blood, no larger clots really.

Moominmiss Mon 23-Dec-19 07:37:32

@Pegase I would have been around 6-6.5 weeks. They’d seen sac, yolk and fetal pole at the scan so I’m hoping what I’ve bled already will be it.
I’ve phoned the helpline number they gave me and they’ll phone me back when they open but seemed fairly optimistic that they should be able to see me today or tomorrow to confirm whether all the pregnancy has come out or not. At least that way if I need to medically manage the rest I can start that now, rather than in a week when I’ll only be a few days from returning to work.

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TerribleImagination Mon 23-Dec-19 09:57:33

So sorry to hear you’re going through this @Moominmiss - I can totally understand how the wait is just torture!

I had a miscarriage just over a week ago at 5+3 and I definitely passed a pretty obvious sac. I was also bleeding a mixture of brown, dark red and bright red blood, with strong cramps. When the sac passed it was pretty clear, it was about the size of a thumbnail and definitely unlike anything that’s ever come out of my body before!

Take it easy as much as you can, and I’m crossing everything for you that your NYE scan shows a healthy little heartbeat! Sending lots of positive thoughts to you flowers

Avocuddles Mon 23-Dec-19 15:50:41

@Moominmiss so sorry to hear about your experience.

I've been through two natural MCs this year, both at 7-8 weeks. In both cases I had scans which measured behind where I was expecting, in one case with a heartbeat, then had spotting followed by bleeding similar to what you describe. In both cases a day or so after the bleeding got heavier I passed the pregnancy tissue / sac, it wasn't any more painful than a bad, heavy AF but the bleeding did continue for over a week.
I hope of course that things work out for you but your symptoms do sound very similar to what i have experienced. I hope either way that you don't have to wait long for an answer. Sending you a big hug!

Moominmiss Mon 23-Dec-19 16:15:59

@Avocuddles thank you and so sorry for your losses.
Well I phoned EPU again this morning just to see what they suggested. I thought they’d tell me to just wait until the scan on nye but actually instead asked me to come in.
I went this morning and was scanned again and they could still see the same as last time so no change. Sac, yolk and fetal pole. So I thought because nothing had changed they’d offer me medical management, but no. Even though they agree it doesn’t look promising, the lady said how sometimes an embryo can just be a late bloomer etc etc and because there was nothing definitive to show a miscarriage happening, as in the sac was still intact and in shape, no obvious blood or tissue bits floating around, she still wants me to return again on nye for a further scan before she’ll be happy to offer medical management.
I feel so deflated. I really thought I’d be able to kick start things today and start putting this all behind me, but now I’m back in limbo just waiting for my body to properly recognise that baby is gone and knowing that it might not, I might just carry on bleeding lightly and get to nye and find that it’s all still just sat there and then on top of weeks of bleeding I’ll then have to start medical management and go through it all again.
Just feeling a bit sorry for myself today and wondering how I’ll ever trust my body to be pregnant again 😪
Good luck with your whole journey and sending hugs to you too x

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Moominmiss Mon 30-Dec-19 18:32:00

So it will be 2 weeks this coming Wednesday since I started light bleeding. It’s still going on. Only when I wipe, nothing coming out onto a pad and not had any cramping for ages.
I just want this all done now. Tomorrow is my scan that they booked for me when I first visited the EPU nearly 2 weeks ago. To me it’s just a formality where they’ll tell me that yes, baby hasn’t progressed etc and that my stupid body just isn’t doing what it should be doing in getting rid of it so I’m hoping they’ll just offer me medical management and I can come home and it’ll happen....what a way to start the new year!
I’m so tired of everyone around me (family that know), telling me to stay positive etc and ‘you never know’. I know my body, I know bleeding for 2 weeks isn’t positive, and I know that not seeing a heartbeat and being behind where I thought I should be, as well as having lost all my symptoms points to a miscarriage happening.
I just want tomorrow over with 😥

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Yellow27 Tue 07-Jan-20 14:53:08

Hi Moominmiss, I’m so sorry to read what you’ve been through. I’m going through something similar with bleeding and painful cramping but their is a very low heart rate. How did you get on in the end? I don’t know how long this is going to go on for sad

Nifflernancy Tue 07-Jan-20 14:57:17

Sorry OP flowers Did you go for scan on 31st?

Moominmiss Tue 07-Jan-20 16:36:08

@Yellow27 I’m sorry to hear you’re in limbo at the moment. I truly hope you have a better outcome than I did.

I went back for the scan on 31st December, shockingly the embryo had grown from 2.5mm at the last scan On 23rd, to 6mm at that scan. But still no heartbeat. I knew from the amount of time it had dragged on that there should be a heartbeat by now but the nurses and sonographer were all still positive as there had been such a large amount of progression in between the scan. They booked me to come back in again in 12 days from then.
However, later that day at home the cramping became more noticeable like regular period pains. And the bleeding, while not a lot, was now leaking out just about onto a sanitary pad.
Finally at 9pm on 1st January the cramping turned from just regular painful cramps, to excruciating contraction pains that came in waves every 2 minutes. This went on until about 11.30pm when I went to sit on the toilet, the pain by now was constant with no break in between and I pushed every so slightly and passed a lemon sized clot which I believe to be the sac just before midnight. Immediately as I passed it the pain stopped. There was no huge gush of blood or anything.
Strangely I didn’t feel sad, I just felt relief, my body had finally done what I knew it had been trying to do.
I’ve not had any pain since and the bleeding had stopped completely by the next day and as of yet (7th) I’ve not had any more blood.
I spoke to EPU to let them know as they were expecting me back in 12 days.
They said I could come in and be scanned to confirm the loss, or just take a test in 2 weeks and if it’s negative then I can try again, or if it’s positive then I will return for a scan to check for retained products.
I did a test yesterday and it was already very faint so I’m confident it’s going the right way.
Sorry to anyone else going through a loss, it’s heartbreaking, but strangely as I said I don’t feel any kind of sadness, I think I came to teens with the loss 3 weeks ago when my bleeding began so I’ve had long enough to get my head around it.

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CalamityJune Tue 07-Jan-20 16:47:28

Your experience sounds just like my first miscarriage. It was more painful than my early labour with my son, and stopped as soon as the sac came out.

Yellow27 Fri 10-Jan-20 12:59:18

I went back for a scan and sadly there was no heartbeat. I’ve been bleeding on and off for the last week now. I had the medical management tablets inserted 24 hours ago and had some cramping and bit more bleeding (only when I went to the toilet) but nothing more. Feel completely desperate now and want this ordeal to be over. My life is literally on hold and now on top of being heartbroken for my loss my body doesn’t eeek to be able to do what it needs to do. Does anyone have any advice please. Should I ask for surgery?

Moominmiss Fri 10-Jan-20 17:15:03

Oh @Yellow27 I’m so sorry you’re currently in the horrible limbo I was in for 2 weeks. It’s horrendous and not something I’d wish upon anyone.
When you were given the tablets for medical management did they tell you how long it might take and what can be considered normal? If you’re concerned that things aren’t happening and they should have done by now then I’d say to give them a call to ease your mind.
But from what I understand medical management just kickstarts the miscarriage process, and a natural miscarriage process, as I experienced can take weeks to complete. I’d had cramps on and off throughout the 2 weeks and it was only when my next period would have been due (on 31st, the day of my final scan) that the cramps and bleeding increased and continued into the 1st when I actually miscarried.
I do totally understand you just wanting it over with, I felt exactly the same, I’d done my grieving long before I actually physically miscarried so the wait up to it happening was torture and so just a relief when my body finally did what it needed to.
I don’t see the harm in asking for surgery, they can only say no. They might want to give your body a chance at doing it. But you can always try explaining how upset and anxious it’s making you.
I took a pregnancy test again yesterday and it was negative and I’ve never been so happy to see a negative test. It just confirms my body is back to normal finally!
Wishing you all the luck and hoping it’s over quickly for you so you can begin to heal both physically and emotionally xx

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