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MMC :(

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Charl2701 Fri 20-Dec-19 14:15:39

Hi everyone,

I’m new and I know there is so many posts about this already but I wanted to post my own worries.

My boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant at 6 weeks and were shocked but very happy! Everything started off fairly simply, other than tiredness and going off certain foods I didn’t have any real symptoms.

Called my GP who told me the doctor doesn’t see pregnant woman anymore unless there has been previous complications and that I needed to find the hospital I would like to use and self register myself, feeling a little left alone I did all of this and duly waited to hear from someone medical wise...

At 9 weeks I received my midwife app for the following week. Still not having any real “signs” I was starting to feel slightly anxious. The evening before my midwife app I noticed that when I went to the toilet and wiped there was some dark red/brown discharge. Being home alone and unsure of what to do I called 111 who advised me to go to EPU in the morning for a scan.

After the worst night sleep but with nothing getting any worse I took myself to EPU at 8.30am, explained everything to the nurse who confirmed a positive pregnancy test and said some bleeding was normal. Sensing I was worried she offered to to do an internal exam with a speculum but couldn’t offer me a reassurance scan til the following week. After the speculum examination she said she could see my cervix was closed which was good and it looked like I had a cervical ectropion and not to worry. Off I went to my midwife app feeling so relived although still bleeding.

Midwife did all the tests and again she reassured me re the bleeding, I still had a niggling feeling though so I booked a private scan for that evening.

At this time I should’ve been 10+3 so sonographer started off with an abdominal scan but couldn’t see clearly so then opted for an internal vaginal scan, my heart sank knowing something wasn’t right when she confirmed there was no heartbeat and the baby measured 6+3 and 6.9mm. She explained she would have to say the scan was “inconclusive” and told me to take her scan report to the hospital the following day. I was absolutely heartbroken and felt like I had been though such a rollercoaster of emotions that day already. My partner is in the military and was away so I was alone until he was back.

I went back to EPU with my scan result and they said I had to wait and booked me for a second scan in a weeks time which will be on Monday, thankfully my partner will be home then.

I’ve spent the last 6 days with light bleeding and that’s been it, I’m absolutely terrified to go anywhere incase I suddenly start heavily bleeding and miscarry and feel in such limbo!

Has anyone got any similar stories or words of advice?


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ovener Fri 20-Dec-19 18:07:12

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I miscarried on Wednesday evening after bleeding lightly for 5 days. (I've written about my experience if it might help you to read it) Is your partner home yet? I was terrified too, and was hoping to have surgery to manage the miscarriage so I wouldn't have to go through the pain and uncertainty. In the end, my natural miscarriage was less terrible than I feared.

I found this thread helpful - I don't know about you but I find it reassuring to think about the practical side of things when everything seems out of control. Try and get out of the house if you want to. You can arm yourself with big pads, spare pants and some painkillers so you feel prepared, and go with someone if you can. Have you spoken to any friends or family about it? Everyone deals with these things differently but it might help to have a good chat and a cry with someone you trust. I really hope the horrible waiting game ends well for you. xxx

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