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Should I be concerned?

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Cisforcat Sun 15-Dec-19 21:46:50

I was 5 w 5 days when I started to bleed having had 2 days of loss of pregnancy feeling ( last wed) and have been ever since.
However I bleed for 4 days that was more or less like a period.
No big clots but little 'stringy' bits.

No longer in pain which I was for the first 3 days with quite heavy cramping. Took a test a few days ago and still positive but given the above I'm pretty sure I've miscarried.

Today I have been very light although I was expecting to bleed a lot more, however I was only 5 weeks.
Haven't been to EPU as they need a Gp referral as yet.
Does the above sound as an expected miscarriage at 5 weeks?

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Cisforcat Sun 15-Dec-19 22:43:42

Have just done a pregnancy test and got a neg so know it's def a miscarriage.
Should I need to be checked out at all?

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Louisana Sun 15-Dec-19 22:46:17

I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope your feeling ok !

Yes definitely get checked out an make an appointment with your GP so they can go through everything with you.

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