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From medical management to surgical; my experience

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TheFoz Sat 14-Dec-19 23:30:20

We found out almost three weeks ago at 8+4 that our baby had no heartbeat. Development had stopped at 6+6.
Twelve days later I chose to take the tablets to induce a miscarriage. I live in Ireland so the process here is that you take 6 tablets over 6 hours. I took the last 2 tablets at 1am, I woke at 6am to find myself saturated in blood. Thankfully that was the worst of the bleeding over and the worst of the pains. Over the next few days I wore two pads most of the time.
Two days ago the bleeding slowed to almost a stop. However I didn’t feel like I had passed everything. Yesterday morning I had a vaginal scan and it was found that there was still a fair bit of blood high up. They gave me two options; 1. to take a single tablet each day for the next five days or 2. to have an ERPC. I have elected to go for the ERPC. That is due to happen on Monday morning. I’m hoping it won’t be awful and I’m hoping I’ll be able to go back to work on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve been off all this week already and I feel bad taking so much time off, although my employer has been very understanding.
I’ve been in so much pain today, I presume it’s because of the vaginal scan that I had. Every cough, sneeze, pee, wind and bowl movement hurts.
I’m so nervous about the surgery. My partner won’t be able to come to the hospital with me but he’ll be there in the afternoon. I’ve been told to be there at 8am with my surgery happening at 9am. However if there are emergencies that will be pushed back. I’ve been told that I’ll need to stay at the hospital for 6-8 hours post surgery and to be prepared to stay overnight.
This is our second miscarriage. We had only known for 5 days at the end of August when I started bleeding, thankfully that miscarriage was physically an easy process and I didn’t need any interventions. We were delighted to find out that I was pregnant again at the end of October. I’m just turned 41 and feel that the tide is against me. The registrar in the hospital yesterday asked me what number pregnancy this was for me and I was shocked to hear myself say 4. I have 2 children.
We have told very few about the losses as there are certain people I don’t want knowing and unfortunately some people can’t be trusted. It’s hard not having anybody really to talk to.
It’s a difficult road that so many have travelled, I never realised how difficult until it happened to me. Hugs to all those on this path.

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TheFoz Tue 17-Dec-19 14:12:26

So I had the ERPC yesterday. It went very well and I’m told was straightforward. It didn’t take long, I looked at the clock as I was going under and it was 10.35am and I was coming around in the recovery room at 11.10am. I did hear the nurses say during the handover something about a biopsy, I didn’t get an opportunity to ask about this afterwards so I will discuss that with the consultant when I have my check up in 6 weeks.
I was back on the ward by 12pm with a drip, blood pressure and oxygen monitors attached. Thankfully they gave me a private room which was fantastic and I was so very grateful for.
The bleeding during the afternoon was like a light period. As I am rhesus negative I had to have the Anti D injection. I had been given IV paracetamol before I came round and didn’t need any more painkillers.
I got home at 7pm and took two paracetamol just to head off any possible pain. I slept well last night and didn’t bleed at all and have had no bleeding so far today. I’m going back to work tomorrow. My job isn’t physical so I should be fine.

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SirChing Tue 17-Dec-19 14:16:57

I'm glad it went as well as could be expected for you. So sorry for your losses flowers

Bee1710 Tue 17-Dec-19 15:23:57

Glad it went well hope you are healthy and conceive a healthy baby soon xx

TheFoz Fri 20-Dec-19 09:33:11

Thank you @SirChing and @Bee1710.

I went back to work on Wednesday. Physically I’m well and only had a little bleeding after the surgery. Emotionally is another story! I’m trying to get my head into Christmas now though.

I have decided to get myself healthy and fit over the next few months before we try again. Not that I’m unhealthy but I feel like I need to lay some proper groundwork if I’m going to grow a baby.

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Bee1710 Fri 20-Dec-19 12:14:56

@TheFoz that's true. I'm eating healthy too. All the best xx

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