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Retained Products - No Action... Advice

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Smudge90 Sat 07-Dec-19 11:13:43

Hi all,
Yesterday I found out I miscarried, I had a big bleed on Tuesday so kind of knew already...but completely gutted, no evidence of sac left just blood and retained products 17x12mm with no blood flow....I chose to go home and see if it happened naturally. The thing is I have had zero pain at all, no cramping or anything, and have not bled or spotting since Thursday... so now I am really unsure what’s going on. I’m keen to get my cycle back to start ttc again... has anyone been in the same position? Is it likely to finish naturally, my next scan is not for three weeks and this wait is torturous. Thanks so much for any advice... I feel confused and sad, x

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Smudge90 Sat 07-Dec-19 11:24:11

I miscarried at estimate 5weeks btw

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justilou1 Sat 07-Dec-19 11:30:22

I am sorry for your loss. It’s awful. Feeling confused and sad is an entirely logical response to what is happening physically and emotionally. Usually your body absorbs the “detritus” and your cycle will sort itself out sometime. There is no golden rule, though. I have had many MC and they have all been different. They were also not dependent on how many weeks pregnant I was. If you don’t re-start your period after a month or so, go and see your GP, as your body may still think you’re pregnant. If your body doesn’t absorb the contents, you may develop adhesions (like scars) and you may benefit from a D&C procedure to improve your chances of conceiving in future. (Have been there, done that - have three kids now.)

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