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TMI questions about miscarriage?

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Sunshinedunn Fri 06-Dec-19 20:50:53

2 weeks ago I found out i had lost my sweet little baby at 12 weeks, but the baby measured around 10. That next day I actually passed the baby. It happened way faster than the doctor had expected. But after that, the cramping stopped about 2 days after, but the bleeding stopped around 9 days after. 2 or 3 days after I stopped bleeding, Me and my Husband had sex. But after we did, I started to bleed, but it stopped that next morning. I had a follow up appointment that day anyways, so I didn’t call the doctor but told him about it and he didn’t seem concerned at all & I asked when I could resume normal everyday activities & he said I could start right then. My pregnancy test still showed barely positive so he scheduled another one for a week later. But 3 days after we had sex I started to get brown discharge. It’s only when I wipe and it doesn’t look like normal mucus discharge, it looks like tiny pieces of lint or brown fuzz, only when I wipe or Insert anything. I have no cramping. I called and asked my nurse if this was normal & she said it was probably just old blood, but I will ask the doctor week when I go back for another pregnancy test.
Just wondering if any other mamas have been through this? It’s my first pregnancy/miscarriage so I have no idea what I’m supposed to expect.
Could this be an infection? Do I still have placental tissue inside? how do I know if I passed everything & it was complete? I know I had the entire fetus come out because I picked it up. I had a few clots come out, but not many.
I’m very worried and anxious all the time, I can barely eat or sleep.
Thank you for all of the answers and advice in advance!!!

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