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After Miscarriage- Is this normal?

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SamL123 Sun 01-Dec-19 10:39:12

Hello, I had an early miscarriage a month ago. The pregnancy was unplanned. I'm finding it difficult to continue as normal, i feel like im going crazy. I feel desperate for a baby now, i cant think about anything else. I don't know how to stop the thoughts and make the feelings go away, they feel like torture as i know my partner doesn't feel the same (he's hurt but doesn't want a child now) and i know i have to respect that. I don't know if i'm trying to fill this empty hole i didn't realise was there before. I feel completely alone. My body betrayed me. I keep going over everything i did especially before i knew, could the loss have happened because i'd eaten to many salted peanuts etc... I feel ridiculous for feeling like this when i didn't know i was pregnant for long. I guess what im asking is- is this normal? Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance.

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momoney1 Sun 01-Dec-19 10:55:13

Hi op. Yes, this is normal. I felt exactly the same ten years ago - unplanned pregnancy and discovered at my 12 week scan the baby had died.

I'm sorry for your loss. you will feel better soon 💐

HenrysHome Sun 01-Dec-19 11:51:34

Totally normal - I have no advice to give except to say that I lost my baby boy at 20 weeks on Friday so I know the pain you’re feeling. Hand hold x

DanielleMcGivern Sun 01-Dec-19 11:54:57

Very normal, I felt the exact same after my first miscarriage. I've had two. My partner was determined he didn't want another baby after the first but after a couple of months we both decided that we really wanted a baby. It will take some time and you never really get over it but try and support each other as much as possible

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