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How on earth am I meant to cope with this?

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PurpleViolins Sat 23-Nov-19 01:16:31

Lost baby boy at 17 weeks nearly 3 weeks ago. Due start of April.

Only senior management team at work knew. Been in for meetings and planning a phased return from Mon.

Head told me at meeting that a colleague is also pregnant. A few weeks ahead of me. When I go back she will be the number of weeks I was when lost baby.

Her classroom is next door to me.

I am going to have to see her every day. As far as I know she didn't know I was pregnant. I caught her looking at bump but she might have just thought weight gain.

Any advice? Dreading Monday.

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GreyGoose1980 Sat 23-Nov-19 12:31:46

No real advice to offer but thinking of you 💐

SlightlyBonkersQFA Sat 23-Nov-19 12:33:29

That is sad. I've no advice but thinking of you. It will take strength to get through this for sure. brew

PenguNoodle Sat 23-Nov-19 12:44:59

I was kind of in the same situation. Lost my baby girl at 20 weeks, took a month off and then a few weeks after I returned the girl next to me announced she was pregnant. The whole office knew what happened to me and they sit me next to a pregnant person!

Somehow you muddle through and find an inner strength that you never thought you had and hope for the future. Take each day as it comes and although it was really tough going back to work I found it a very good distraction.

Keep strong OP and all the best
Also one thing I always think when there are lots of pregnancy announcements...

shv13 Tue 26-Nov-19 11:56:32

Have the exact same exp with u. My answer is: u just don't cope with it.
My 1st pregnancy was 1month younger than my sister in law. My duedate was supposed to be yesterday. But I lost mine 8months ago by MMC. I met my sis in law yesterday having happy vibes with 1mo baby, n I hardly stop my tears, in a mall. Seeing her n her baby kept reminding me of what I should have too.

And now I just lost my 2nd pregnancy by MMC again. My sister is pregnant too now, 1month ahead of me. I don't know how I'd deal this same double experience, but I just know, it is not something we could cope up with. Hugs to u.

PenguNoodle Tue 26-Nov-19 21:56:49

Hi OP just wanted to say thinking of you and hope it wasn't as hard as you expected going back.

One thing I tell myself when I get sat next to someone who is pregnant or when I hear another announcement is I don't want their baby I want mine and my partners so I don't want what they have..., just helps me a bit to reconcile my feelings and be happy for them

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