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Testing after reoccurring miscarriage

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Softscoop35 Thu 21-Nov-19 22:33:57

Also watching with interest, i was just about to post something simular.

Currently going through 4th miscarriage (this on is CP/Early MC) and ive had 4 pregnancies.
My 3rd resulted in my son, however, i lost his twin. So thats 4 babies, in 4 pregnancies and 6 ICSI cycles.

Im due to do FET in the new year, but my GP referred me today to the recurrent miscarriage clinic. Im pretty lucky as Prof Quenby is based at my local hospital/clinic so im guessing (hopefully) i will see her. She is supposed to be very very good.

GreyGoose1980 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:42:32

@LASandOtto. Best wishes for tomorrow. I have had my hormones monitored and was on Progesterone support throughout ivf. My consultant said that low progesterone can impact miscarriages but I was already on a high dose when my last one occurred. I can’t remember if I had a thyroid test as started ivf tests nearly two years ago, but think I did. However my consultant said there was no test for K cells / immune response. I’m not actually sure if it’s just something my clinic doesn’t do and whether another clinic may offer this test? Did you have immune response testing? I’d be interested if anyone else has had this done?

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LASandOtto Thu 21-Nov-19 19:27:36

@GreyGoose1980 watching your post with interest as I'm going for private tests tomorrow after 2 MCs this year and am also not sure what various tests will be done - aside from the known ones, thyroid, hormones, immune systems response.

GreyGoose1980 Thu 21-Nov-19 17:48:01

Hi all
I’m currently going through ivf and have a history of early miscarriage. My consultant has prescribed me steroids for my next frozen embryo transfers as a precaution in case my immune system is reacting to the embryo. However they did not advise any testing to check if this is occurring. Please could anyone offer advice on tests they had on the nhs (or privately) for reoccurring miscarriage and whether this resulted in a positive diagnosis / treatment / outcome. Thanks for any info you are able to provide.

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