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Worried about future pregnancy after miscarriage

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stickytoffeepud123 Sun 17-Nov-19 11:03:19

Hi all
I’m absolutely heartbroken as had a scan this week (supposed to be nearly 10 weeks) and discovered baby measured 8 weeks 3 days with no heartbeat. This was a total shock as everything was fine at 6 weeks scan including a heartbeat, although I did have a horrible feeling that something had gone wrong since then so turns out it was right.

I think the miscarriage is beginning as I have started to have some ‘proper’ blood as opposed to pink tinge spotting.

I don’t have any other children so we are planning on trying again when we are ready. I’m scared that I will never be able to have a baby. Especially after I had 2 previous terminations a few years ago (both medical and very early on at around 5 weeks) due to failed contraception and it not being the right time financially. I feel like this is punishment for the terminations and that I will either not fall pregnant again, and if I do it will end in miscarriage again.

I am only 21 so still very young but just scared that the terminations/losses will affect my future fertility or ability to have a successful pregnancy.

I dont know what I really expect from this, I suppose it’s just a rant/hoping for people to pop up with similar experiences/success stories sad

To those who did manage to conceive after miscarriage, how long after and was it a successful pregnancy?

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AlviesMam Sun 17-Nov-19 15:12:04

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and fell again after three month. Unfortunately my second was still born. We'll be trying again soon as it's only been four weeks since it happened.
Don't blame yourself and don't let the past spoil your happiness it wouldn't have been the cause. It is just one of those things. Sorry about you loss, keep positive x

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