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Miscarriage, not sure what to expect

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sarahc336 Thu 14-Nov-19 15:15:04

Hi, I started bleeding last night at 6 weeks +2 and had a early miscarriage confirmed at e hospital today. I have never had a miscarriage before so was just looking for some advice as to what will happen. Do I simply wait for the bleeding to stop and then assume all is well? I passed quite a large clot this morning so I assume that was the main part passed. Just wondering will the bleeding just carry on like a normal period or will it get heavier? Guess I know there's no set rules but just looking for any experiences as I'm wondering what to expect. Thank you xx

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MissSparkles81 Fri 15-Nov-19 12:27:59

Hiya hun I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you the biggest hug.

I am currently going through my 1st miscarriage too so can only talk about my experience. I was 2 weeks ahead of you. I passed fairly big clots which I thought was the main tissue but turned out not to be. It all varies but it prob will get heavier before it tails off is what I have read.

Take care of yourself and keep posting on here. The ladies on here have been so lovely and supportive xx

sarahc336 Fri 15-Nov-19 13:54:32

Thank you for tour reply and I'm sorry to hear about your loss too. I wrote this post as I left the hospital not asking many questions, just wanted to get out of there to be honest but then got home and suddenly realised I didn't know what would happen. I'm hoping that the fact I'm already bleeding is a good sign and that my body will be able to pass it fully itself, and I've already noticed that the bleeding does seem to come and go it it's reassuring to hear you say to expect that. Take care thanks

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MissSparkles81 Fri 15-Nov-19 15:50:26

I was the same ... didnt ask that many questions and naively thought it would be just like heavy period which is what all the websites say. Get yourself a hot water bottle and painkillers. They will help a wee bit xxx

Kel1111 Sat 16-Nov-19 13:37:54

Hi. Any advice for this would be great: my last period was 27.9.19 I have a 35 day cycle. Saw my gyna and had a scan when was 5 wks 3 days pregnant according to a website I checked (numerous positive preg tests). Doc did a scan and said I had a irregular shaped gestational sac. He did bloods and hcg levels was 6445.9 mu/ml he said with my scan and blood I will miscarry and to go back in 10 days for 1.last scan and to take a pill to expel baby. Why would have to do one more scan. Is there any chance my baby could still be alive or am I just wishful thinking.

sarahc336 Sat 16-Nov-19 14:24:00

I guess it's hard for any of us to give you medical advice as we're not experts, I guess if the dr is saying to prepare for miscarriage then I'd be inclined to believe them. It's such a horrible time, all I can say is rest and take care of yourself, if your having the medication and then going home please be aware that it can be quite uncomfortable so you'll need pain killers and you might bleed quite heavily for a couple of days. I ended up bleeding heavily for only about 3 days but I was only 6 weeks pregnant and I think the baby had stopped developing at 5 weeks. Take care thanks xx

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