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It should be my baby’s first birthday tomorrow.

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Fidgety31 Wed 06-Nov-19 11:29:34

But it’s not because I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks last year.
I can’t tell anyone that’s why I’m writing it in here. Just so I can acknowledge it somehow.
Im too old to have any more children so this would’ve been my last.
I feel quite sad today, knowing I should be celebrating tomorrow. I guess it never really goes away no matter how much time passes.

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WinterRose92 Wed 06-Nov-19 11:31:46

I’m so sorry for your loss. It must be so hard for you, I can’t imagine. I’m here if you want to talk flowers

Keeponmovin123 Thu 07-Nov-19 23:34:03

Sending lots of love and big virtual hug to you.

I’m nearing my due date after a 9-week miscarriage earlier this year and also won’t be having another - mostly due to age - so I have some understanding of what you are going through.

It is such a painful experience to go through isn’t it?

DramaAlpaca Thu 07-Nov-19 23:36:41

I'm so very sorry for your loss flowers

AreWeAnywhereNear Thu 07-Nov-19 23:47:51

Sending you a virtual hug OP thanks

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