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was this a miscarriage? plzhelp

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TinyDreamer Sat 02-Nov-19 15:38:25

adding this in ahead of time: my ovulation has been knocked back since my IUD removal in April - I ovulate roughly 3 weeks after my period ends now
so I found out I was pregnant September 27 with multiple HPT's. I went to the Health Dept. for confirmation on October 2, they said I was 5 weeks & 3 days.
one week later (October 8) I woke up bleeding & went to the ER. urine test came back negative, blood test came back positive with 104 as my hcg levels. the ruled miscarriage & said to expect lots of bleeding. I bled for 3 days (not even heavy, not like a period or heavier).
I went to my OB appointment on the 10th. urine test came back positive, they didn't take blood, but they did a transvaginal ultrasound & said I had a complete miscarriage. the doctor wants to see me again on November 6.
on October 19 I took a pregnancy test to make sure my levels went down. I expected to see an extremely faint line or a negative result. the test came back darker than the ones before the ER visit. I then started bleeding on the 20th, & still haven't stopped (I'm on day 14 of the second bleed).
I tested again on October 28, that test came back positive before the control line was all the way filled in. (while still bleeding)
does anyone think I could still be pregnant, just not as far along as they thought?

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dottyp0104 Sun 03-Nov-19 01:42:45

You may need another scan. I had a scan at the beginning of the week and they could not find anything. I have been lightly bleeding on and off for a few weeks. Was back again yesterday and after a bit of hunting they found it but unfortunately it was ectopic. I really think you need more blood tests and another scan. Sometimes it can take a while for urine tests to become negative, but think it would put your mind at rest.

Hope all is ok xx

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