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Is ovulation before BFN possible?

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MrsMGS Sun 13-Oct-19 16:36:33

Hi there,

Currently 11 days post surgical management of miscarriage. Found out there was no heartbeat at 12 week scan and baby had stopped growing around 7 weeks.

We're keen to start trying again straight away - before first period. I track ovulation so should help with tricky dating. My question is - can you ovulate whilst still getting positive pregnancy tests? I tested yesterday and still had a strong positive. Worried that I might ovulate before I get a negative and we'll miss our chance this month. But then surely you won't ovulate until my body realises it's no longer pregnant, so you'd get BFN first?!

Feeling very confused and worried we're going to miss it this month. Just want to be pregnant again.

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VictoriaHernandez Sun 13-Oct-19 21:54:58

I’m so sorry for your loss 😞. I found out at my 16 week sono that our baby was still alive but had a multitude of terminal issues. We lost him at 17 weeks, this was on 9/11/19. I had to have a D&E and can’t think about anything but getting pregnant again either. Either I ovulated when I was still getting positive hcg and lh tests or I didn’t ovulate for my first cycle. Apparently there’s no way of telling? Although I read on a blog (not necessarily accurate) that your cycle sometimes doesn’t start until after you start getting BFN tests. If your doctor cleared you to start trying then I’d say get to work and try to make that rainbow baby just in case though. I wish I started before we got BFN results. Just got my first period since the procedure (28 days exactly) and praying our rainbow baby comes this cycle. Just know your not alone ❤️.

MrsMGS Tue 15-Oct-19 10:01:04

Thanks @VictoriaHernandez - so sorry for your loss too. It just feels like it's one thing after another doesn't it! Waiting for the D&C and then waiting for bleeding to stop and then waiting for BFN and then waiting for ovulation. Takes over everything! Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Guess I'll just keep testing for BFN and then start OPKs after that confused . Hope your rainbow arrives soon xxx

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