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Miscarriage... Maybe?

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DarceyCat Wed 02-Oct-19 13:21:52

Hi all, I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience to me? I am feeling very abnormal right now! This might be a bit long, sorry...

I did my first pregnancy test on August 13th, and it was positive: 3+ weeks. That would fit with my LMP of July 13th. I had been having nausea for a couple of weeks already and all seemed normal. On September 8th I had a little bit of bleeding (old blood) and had a scan in EPU on the 10th when I should have been 8+2. The scan showed an empty sac. I was devastated. I began bleeding fresh red blood that day which lasted for about a week and a half. No cramps, no clots. Like a period but for much longer than usual (for me).

I had a repeat scan one week after the first expecting to be told I'd miscarried but it showed the sac was pretty much the same but with a poorly defined yolk sac. I'd need another scan the week after. The nurse said as the sac was still there I "hadn't even started to miscarry yet" and I think I found that bit hardest of all.

One week later, scan number 3 and they said the sac was a tiny bit bigger but that could be hormones, and now there was a blob inside measuring 3mm - could be the sac beginning to break down or could be a foetal pole. Needed another scan the week after.

Well I've just had scan number 4 and I'm still in the same position. The blob has grown to 8.7mm and the sonographer couldn't rule out movement (ie heartbeat) so I need a 5th scan next week. The thing is, that would date the pregnancy at 6-7 weeks and I should be 11+3 today. And although I can't remember the exact date I last had sex, I know for certain that I. Have. Not. Had. Sex. Since I took that first pregnancy test on August 13th. I have done pregnancy tests since and where it was really strongly positive 3 weeks ago, last week it was only very faintly positive after several minutes. The nausea has gone, the breast tenderness has gone, it isn't uncomfortable when I lie on my front anymore. I don't feel pregnant. Yet they're hanging this tiny carrot of hope in front of me. Nobody has ever checked my blood hCG even though I queried that 2 weeks ago and the sonographer suggested it last week and this week.

I'm 36, this is my first pregnancy and was very much wanted but I don't think I can possibly have a baby inside me at this point. Or certainly not one that's growing normally. Has anyone ever been in this position? What was the outcome? Any advice gratefully received!!

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VenusStarr Wed 02-Oct-19 14:22:34

Hi @DarceyCat, I've been in a similar position to you twice. I was recently pregnant (my lmp was 12 July so our dates were similar). We're the same age too.

Both times for me I didn't have a good outcome and miscarried naturally both times when I was around 9 weeks. Unfortunately by your dates I think you're having a missed miscarriage as you should be seeing a baby with a heartbeat by this point flowers it's very frustrating to keep being sent away. When's your next scan? I think the difficulty is if there is growth each time they can't intervene.

I'm unsure of what happens as my pregnancies ended without intervention but I'm here for a hand hold xx

DarceyCat Wed 02-Oct-19 19:43:43

Thank you! Next scan is next Wednesday. I feel pretty certain what the outcome will be, just feel it's crazy to have to wait so long to get the diagnosis! But I understand they have protocols to follow. Sorry to hear about your losses, it's just heartbreaking xx

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