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miscarriage following amnio

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mears Thu 23-Sep-04 00:03:36

Anybody got a link to a site that can give reassurance to parents who have lost a baby following complication of amnio? Amnio was performed because of increased Down's risk. Result came back normal but infection set in and caused miscarriage. Parents are distraught.

cab Thu 23-Sep-04 00:05:51

Oh mears that's awful. Sorry can't help. Won't the miscarriage association be the best starting point for them?

mears Thu 23-Sep-04 00:09:21

I have given them that contact number but I am not sure if they will be truly be able to help. They are in such a no-man's-land. Perhaps the miscarriage association are the best people.

Blu Thu 23-Sep-04 00:21:54

Sorry, Mears, have been googling like mad, but have found nothing except the Miscarriage Association.
How sad and awful - and it must be distressing for you, too Mears.

Chandra Thu 23-Sep-04 01:16:01

Ouch, that hurts... sorry to hear that Mears.

AussieSim Thu 23-Sep-04 03:51:16

That is really off-putting. I was thinking I would have one with the next pregnancy, but that is a really high price to pay.

mears Thu 23-Sep-04 09:30:39

anyone else?

mummytosteven Thu 23-Sep-04 09:44:54

also been googling
can't find anything other than MA - only other thing I can think of is SANDS.

bundle Thu 23-Sep-04 09:52:12

this happened to a friend of mine and she found a similar lack of the right kind of support

lou33 Thu 23-Sep-04 09:55:50

I wonder is this support group may help?

mears Thu 23-Sep-04 10:23:02

thanks. I can't get on that site yet lou. Will try later. I think 18 weeks is too soon for SANDS support as they focus on Stillbirths and Neonatal Death. Thanks for all your posts.

Marina Thu 23-Sep-04 10:27:35

Oh no. How desperately sad. Mears, have you tried SANDS? I am assuming the baby was at least 20 weeks. I found them so much more helpful when Tom was born than the MA to be honest - the MA's literature is much more suited to the reality of first-trimester miscarriage.
SANDS is there to help anyone with a baby still-born after 20 weeks. Mears, I am thinking of that poor couple. What rotten luck.

Marina Thu 23-Sep-04 10:28:18

Sorry, posts crossed Mears. I still think SANDS will help, do try them (maybe you could contact them on the parents' behalf?)

Twinkie Thu 23-Sep-04 10:38:09

I would try SANDS - think they are willing to help with anything to do with neo natal death no matter how it happens.

Its always shocks me when you hear of something liek this no matter how much we are told that there is a 1 in 100 chance - you just never think of the person who is that 1 in 100.

There were a few books I bought my sister from Amazon that she thought were really helpful - I will have a look in a while and try to find out the names of them for you.

Twinkie Thu 23-Sep-04 10:41:51


Hope this works mears - did a search and came up with these - empty cradle broken heart is supposed to be really good andf you could try contacting Kings they might have some literature that relates to this problem or know of some good counsellors.

Good Luck.

Twinkie Thu 23-Sep-04 10:42:21

Sorry try again

have a look at \link

Twinkie Thu 23-Sep-04 10:42:53

Nope well here goes again


Twinkie Thu 23-Sep-04 10:43:15

Oh dear sorry hopefully you can copy and paste the URL or someone else can manage the link!!

Twiga Thu 23-Sep-04 11:42:04

Here you go Twinkie
empty cradle broken heart

bundle Thu 23-Sep-04 11:44:45

(mears, my friend had a lovely baby girl after her amnio loss - but has had all sorts of problems since, which she blames on the amnio & subsequent infections..not sure if the literature bears this out though)

suedonim Thu 23-Sep-04 16:27:56

I'm so sorry to hear of this, Mears. Have you tried the NCT's Experience Register on 0870 444 8707? They may have someone available who's been through the same thing.

Dingle Thu 23-Sep-04 16:41:13

Oh mears, my heart goes out to them. Can't possibly imagine how I would cope- I chose not to have any tests- hence the shock (& guilt in a way) when dd was born.
I hope that they get all the help & support they need to see them through this.((HUGS))

aloha Thu 23-Sep-04 17:20:13

Tommy's charity deals with all sort of premature birth. Don't have a number but it's on the net. How absolutely dreadful for them. Grief and guilt make a very bad combination. Of course they shouldn't feel guilt at all, but it would be only natural to.

mears Thu 23-Sep-04 17:26:42

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Will have a look at the book. I really hate the hurdles that are put in women's way when it comes to pregnancy. There are the screening tests and scans that often cause more worry than the reassurance they are supposed to provide. You then make the most difficult decision reagrding invasive testing, and the result is horrendous. Don't know the answer really. I am sure many women opt to have tests because they are so routine and they presume that they will be normal. I did it myself. I was just so fortunate that I did not have to cross that hurdle.

Sarahx2005 Tue 22-Feb-05 12:18:11

I've heard that there is more chance of losing a healthy baby from having an amnio than there is of anything being wrong with the baby.
Sarah x

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