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How long did you wait for genetic test results on miscarriage tissue?

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futuredreams Mon 09-Sep-19 10:49:31

Had my ERPC on Tuesday. This is my third loss now and they are doing tests from it. Did anyone else get this and how long did the results take? Do they post them out to you? 🙈

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OvalCanvas Mon 09-Sep-19 10:52:15

We waited about 6 weeks, we had to book an appointment for the results.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Samosaurus Mon 09-Sep-19 10:55:16

Mine came back after 5 weeks and I had to make an appointment with my consultant to get the results. So sorry for your loss. Mine came back at T21 and knowing that gave me real closure knowing it wasn’t anything I had done.

futuredreams Mon 09-Sep-19 11:41:57

Thanks for your responses. They booked me in for blood tests in 6 weeks so I would hopefully guess they might be able to tell me then? I don't have an appointment for a consultant yet as far as I know. I think that might come after the blood tests. I'm not sure how I will feel with the results. I googled T21 and I'm guessing that's a chromosome thing? I think that's what I'm hoping it is because then it was maybe just bad luck. Anything other than that might have been something I did or a problem I'm guessing. The nhs have been very good to me so far but I do find they aren't very clear on the 'what happens next part'. I think it would be good to have a date in my mind for the appointment with a consultant. It might help

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Samosaurus Mon 09-Sep-19 11:58:46

Yes T21 is Down’s Syndrome so a chromosomal problem. As I already have a child and so wouldn’t qualify for the tests on the NHS, I paid to see a consultant privately after my missed miscarriage was discovered at a scan and he arranged the testing. I hope you can get some answers soon x

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