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I know exactly when to get pregnant but now worried about the next one

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futuredreams Sun 08-Sep-19 20:04:53

After three miscarriages - I'm 100% in the knowledge of how to get pregnant. My body knows what to do. Once I get my positive on ovulation tests (solid smiley face) we do the deed the next day and bam it works. Although this time will be very tainted as I know what might be coming after it. I was able to talk myself into the past was just bad luck but I'm anxious this time. I can't start anyway because I just had my ERPC on Tuesday and I have to wait. I also am annoyed now because I have to have tests and will have a better chance if I wait to find out the cause.
It's killing me. I have no energy for anything else. The possibility of never becoming a mother has now hit home.

Has anyone had the tests and had a good outcome? I made it to 10 weeks this time. Found out at 11 weeks.

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Buffy101 Sat 14-Sep-19 11:17:12

Sorry I have only just had my first miscarriage, it must be so traumatic to have so many. I know it's hard but if you can wait a little bit for the test results before trying again it may save you some heartache in the future? I also think you might need a little bit of time to grieve your losses.
Fingers crossed your tests find a solution for you xx

DirtyWindow Sat 21-Sep-19 10:53:50

I really feel for you.

I've only had one miscarriage but it was relatively late and we decided to have tests (privately) before trying again as I was so scared of a repeat and wanted to reduce the chance of that happening. Just had the last test (scan of uterus) and missed yet another month (they only do scans on Thursdays and I ovulated on Monday sad). It's really frustrating when all you want to do it get on with it and time is just ebbing away. sad

futuredreams Sat 21-Sep-19 11:40:05

@DirtyWindow aw that is disappointing. I wonder if you would have had to wait anyway for the tests to come back and consult a doctor before trying anyway? It's no consolation though when you just want to get back at it.

I'm still waiting for bloods to be done. Have to wait 6 weeks after loss for these. And I have been referred but who knows when I will see anyone about it. It's so so long and it feels like all of your thoughts are on one thing. After the other miscarriages I felt such a weight lifted when they were finally over. It was a clear moment of ok - I can try again. But this time it's just not like that.
I'm really sorry to hear you had a late loss but glad your getting tests. Do you know what type of tests they are? Only wondering because I haven't really been told much at all about mine.
My last one was only measuring 10 weeks. Found out at my booking appointment at 11 weeks. Well actually my booking appointment couldn't confirm it and told me to go to main hospital two days later and we just couldn't wait so we paid to go private. Then went back the two days later and NHS had to do another scan to confirm. It was such a shock because I had been so sick constantly and the signs all pointed to it being ok. Also scan at 7 weeks showed everything was good with heartbeat etc.
Hope you get some answers soon. X

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DirtyWindow Sat 21-Sep-19 11:54:29

futuredreams I had blood tests for various gene mutations which can cause blood clots (factor V Leiden, MTFHR, prothrombin, I think), tests for antiphospholipid antibodies, and a TEG which generally shows how "sticky" blood is overall, plus the pelvic ultrasound. Everything has come back normal so we're just going to try again I think (although the doctor does recommend coming back for a further TEG once you get a BFP as apparently some women's blood can be normal but then get extra sticky in pregnancy for some reason).

I'd recommend a book called "Miscarriage, what every woman should know" by Professor Lesley Regan. She's the head of the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, so knows her stuff, and explains the most common reasons for recurrent miscarriages and how to test for them in a lot of detail.

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