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Returning to work after surgical miscarriage

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NewtothisFBK4921 Fri 06-Sep-19 08:33:05

Hi everyone, I had the op on Wednesday and had told work I'd be back today (Friday). I've woken up however and my back is pretty achy and still really tired, I don't really want to go but feel SO guilty for taking another day off! It's been two days this week for the op, plus an afternoon the week I found out and a couple of mornings for scans. I'm director on my team and don't want the girls to think I'm making them do all the work.

I've seen some old Mumsnet posts of people taking a week off, but my Dr never mentioned this much time as being usual so I wondered if that was more common a few years ago and maybe op was different then?

Am I being pathetic, will I feel better once I'm there? What has everyone else done? Has anyone returned to work within 48hours and it gone well?

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Cleari Fri 06-Sep-19 10:18:59

Did you have a GA? That alone would wipe me out for a good few days... without all the extra. I certainly would have the day off, the possible bleeds and controlling it would be a factor too. Rest. It’s not an everyday event and everyone would understand completely

futuredreams Fri 06-Sep-19 10:57:30

Do not feel guilty. I had mine on Tuesday and I have taken the rest of the week. I slept for nearly two days after general. Today I still feel unwell and tired.
I call bulls**t on what they say online. It takes more than a day to recover and the pain straight after op was not 'just like period pain' it's definitely manageable but not in work.
Take the day and the weekend and hopefully you'll be ok for next week.

inwood Fri 06-Sep-19 10:58:39

I was signed off for two weeks and didn't feel remotely guilty about it.

plixy Fri 06-Sep-19 20:33:37

I have had the surgery 3 times and always been signed off for 2 weeks by the hospital before I leave (cert just given to me as standard I didn't ask for it). No way I would have been ready to go back physically or emotionally after a couple days!

TitchyP Fri 06-Sep-19 20:49:57

I had surgery for a MM on the Friday and was back at work on the Monday. I was self employed so had to go back to clients at least for part time hours. I honestly don't really remember how I felt as it was a while ago now. I do tend to compartmentalise though so just sort of got on with it I think. Physically I was fine but a bit tired.
In your situation I'd try and go back Monday if you feel more up to it.

iloveewanthedreamsheep Fri 06-Sep-19 21:05:55

I had 2 weeks off after surgical management of miscarriage. Do what feels right to you, but if you do need a bit longer to recover that would be totally normal/acceptable too.

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