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Really confused

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disconnecteddrifter Sat 31-Aug-19 14:13:24

6 weeks pregnant, 4th time this year all ended in mmc no reason apart from age (40). Yesterday stopped feeling exhausted and had some pink discharge when wiping. Period like cramps for about 2 mins on 3-4 occasions. Thought definitely lost it, although other mmc just loss of symptoms and brown discharge. Obviously very upset and drank about half a bottle of wine last night. Woke up no further bleeding. White discharge. Still not tired, breasts hurt marginally. What do I do? I cant go to epau and face another disappointing scan, besides went back to work yesterday and I'm a teacher. Epau is only open 9 am for an hour and I cant take more time off work (had so much already for this reason). Also the students are starting back so would be massively unprofessional and inconvenient.
How long until it passes if there was pink discharge yesterday and none now? Did the wine delay it?

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plixy Sat 31-Aug-19 20:07:36

I had 3 mmc and on my 4th pregnancy I had bleeding on and off. I went for early scan and told sonographer that I knew it was another miscarriage and not to worry about giving me bad news. I now have a 14 week baby.
Although it could be bad news it might not be. If the bleeding has stopped the only way to know is a scan. If you can't make the hospital times could you go for private scan? They usually do evenings and weekends and will book you in for hospital if it is bad news.
Good luck x

Hardheadedwoman39 Sat 31-Aug-19 21:54:47

I had bleeding and cramps at 6 weeks briefly and she's just turned one today. I think if you're still getting positive tests try and get a scan to put your mind at rest, it's usually better to know.
Teaching is a full on job and having this unknown hanging over you would be tough. I know it's expensive but a private scan can be done out of work hours which would avoid more time off - which again is very tricky when teaching.

Fingers crossed for you!

disconnecteddrifter Sat 31-Aug-19 22:57:41

Yes thank you for your replies. Because I thought it was over I took my son on a long run today and now feel drained and sick. Very sick. I'm booking a scan for tomorrow PM or Monday after work.

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