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Cycles and Bleeding post miscarriage

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Firsttimer2017 Thu 22-Aug-19 04:31:57

I had a MMC at 12+4 in May, baby made it up until 11 weeks. Had a D&C, then an infection followed by retained products. Bled for 8 weeks which isn’t normal then had an “all clear” scan end of June. Since then I’ve been bleeding after sex and been having bleeds every 2 weeks. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I’ve been referred to the Gynaecologist but just trying to understand it. Been told to hold off trying which I’m struggling with. So yes, anyone experienced anything like this and what were your cycles like?

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Trixie121 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:19:05

@Firsttimer2017 Firstly im sorry you're going through this. I have not experienced what you are going through but I had a mmc last month. i was almost 10 weeks. I had a nautral miscarage at home. I bled for 4 weeks after the miscsrage. I also had retained product but this came away after some time. I was advised to just keep waiting and it felt like months. I have been bleed free for 1 week. I no it just feels like doubly cruel that you have to experience all this extra stuff ontop of a miscarage. I really hope you get this sorted quickly x

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