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Please help.x

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cavallos2019 Sun 18-Aug-19 11:49:25

Hi everyone. I had a miscarriage end of June and a D and C 1st July at 10 weeks plus 2.

The pregnancy only grew to the size of 6 plus 4 however I know by scans that it was still growing slowly with a weak heartbeat until at least 9 weeks but had then stopped somewhere inbetween and by 9 plus 5.

My tests all stayed positive even after I started my next period at exactly 4 weeks after d and C. I also had 3 scans to ensure everything had cleared.

Last weekend after my period ended a clear blue digital test said not pregnant. It still does this weekend, however two first response are slight positive (one is an early reaponse and one is a rapid response). I have a week until my next period. I have had unprotected sex after my period and prior to ovulation. BUT the last time I had sex was the afternoon of the first day I received a flashing smiley. I then got 3 subsequent flashing, one solid smiley and then next day blank again but my husband had to work away so we couldn't have any more sex after the afternoon of the first one. As it is early (period a week away) and the Clear Blue weeks indicator is negative, (and I cpuldn't have sex on best days) is it most likely the 1st response ones are STILL just picking up left over even 7 weeks after d and C??

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mybestfriend123 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:06:15

@cavallos2019 this happened to me, it sounds like your pregnant again xx

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