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mybestfriend123 Wed 14-Aug-19 15:46:20


I am going to see Dr Sheata at his private clinic in Epsom.

Has anyone been to see him? What should I expect? Should I take anything with me?

What's everyone's experiences?

I have had 3 misscarriages and now a ectopic pregnancy. I'm hoping that he will be able to help. I've had the NHS tests done but unfortunately nothing has been found wrong with me and it's been put down to bad luck! I'd love to hear off you if you have gone private and had any success.

Thank you smile

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mybestfriend123 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:19:12


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ginandtonicformeplease Fri 16-Aug-19 12:14:09

There's a thread in the Conception topic on NK cells - lots of women in there seem to have been to Dr S, with quite a few successes!

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