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When will my normal periods come back?

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eastview Tue 13-Aug-19 21:35:27

Hi everyone. I had a MMC in May at 9+2. I had a d&c afterwards too. They said all was good. I had a very light bleed for 3 days in June but nothing since. One Positive pregnancy test mid July but HCG levels are under 5 and no positives since. Doctor says not to be concerned but I'm freaking out. Is it normal for my periods not to return? I just wish I'd have a period so I know my body is doing its thing...we are absolutely desperate for a baby. This was my first so it's breaking my heart and am constantly worrying that something is wrong with me 😭

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Wetwashing00 Wed 14-Aug-19 08:55:20

I am sorry to hear you had to suffer a miscarriage. And I know all your feelings are very normal.
It’s so easy for other to say try not to worry but you really do need to relax.
Your period probably hasn’t returned for many reasons.
A d&c scrapes out your womb lining which can make your next due period very light or not come at all.
You said you had a positive in mid July so HCG was still present in your body a month ago.
I’m not a doctor but I would assume it needs to be 0 before your body will attempt another pregnancy.
I’m sure I missed 1 or 2 periods when I had a d&c.
Are you still having unprotected sex?
Are you testing your ovulation?
Try to remember it can take up to 1 year for a couple with no fertility issues to become pregnant.
You need the perfect combination of hormones to become pregnant and feelings of stress can affect that.
Can you try to direct your focus on preparing for another pregnancy?
Take exercise, eat healthy and take folic acid.
I Wish you all the best.

Cantchooseaname Wed 14-Aug-19 09:00:26

My periods were all over the place after miscarriage. I was really focused on dates, getting pregnant- it was all I thought about. Each month was a kick in the guts.
I got pregnant the month we stopped ‘trying’ as we were moving house.

Your body has been through a lot, as you have emotionally. Try to give yourself time and love. What will be, Will be. Try to enjoy being with partner, make most of time between two of you. Take good care of yourself physically and emotionally.
Wishing you all the best- the first months are the hardest. Be kind to yourself.

fallingasleeprightnow Thu 15-Aug-19 15:43:04

I had my erpc in May and I was told that your cycle can take up to 6 months to correct itself after surgical management. Mine is all over the show.

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