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NameChangeInFearOfJUDGEMENT Sat 10-Aug-19 20:08:28

BARE WITH ME. Please don't judge me. On Thursday evening I used miscarriage pills provided by the doctor, at the hospital as I went for my 12 week scan and they diagnosed missed miscarriage. (Absolutely devastating but that's another story)
Anyway, I took the pills and have had nothing but hideous pain and anxiety on top ever since! I called the hospital and the want me to wait a further 5 days for an appointment and have confirmed the pills failed for me so u need a second dose.
I just can't cope and I feel like a walking tomb knowing my baby passed inside of me. I just want to grieve and I can't right now because of this. I've been trying to induce the miscarriage which sounds awful I know, by using lavender oil just dabbed on my pillows and drinking very strong raspberry tea.
I just feel heartbroken and want this over with. I cannot wait for the second dose and being the small percentage of woman they didn't work for has frustrated me. I cannot do a D&C whilst awake I would be traumatised and I'm so alone.
Thank you for your patience and please try to understand my thought process of trying to get this to happen for me

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nespressowoo Sat 10-Aug-19 20:43:45

Oh I'm so sorry sadI had a missed MC last month. I had a D&C under anaesthetic. Couldn't you do that? Sending lots of love. Go easy on yourself thanks

NameChangeInFearOfJUDGEMENT Sat 10-Aug-19 20:53:04

@nespressowoo I'm sorry for your loss 💔
The hospital are doing everything to avoid anaesthetic even though I've outlined my mind frame wouldn't take it awake and they've stated I have no health issues as to why I cant. I hope you feel better and have support around you xxx

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nespressowoo Mon 12-Aug-19 11:57:40

Oh I'm so sorry. They should give you the option. I was and I wanted the GA as I wasn't strong enough to go through it with local or pass it naturally. If they're sticking to their guns can you speak to the matron. I hope you're ok thanks

And thank you - it was only month ago but it does get slightly easier / more bearable x

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