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Is this normal?

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Lauralou8484 Thu 08-Aug-19 13:17:07

It's a shock ain't it how much comes out!! Theyll confirm if it's all gone by scan and probably tell you to test in 3 weeks to check hormones have gone back to normal. Hope you're coping ok, here if you want to chat as I've had 8 miscarriages so I understand xx

Twintwo234 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:58:05

@Lauralou8484 Yeah they confirmed on Sunday and wanted to repeat next Monday before offering any management but I feel like it’s all came away now, just surprised how much blood came away after passing sac etc xx

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Lauralou8484 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:12:16

Yeah unfortunately that's quite standard with natural miscarriage hun. Did doctors confirm miscarriage before the bleeding started? Xx

Twintwo234 Thu 08-Aug-19 10:52:23

I feel ok which is why I think I won’t bother getting it checked out, just didn’t realise how much bleeding there would be just poured out a couple times like water xx

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Lauralou8484 Thu 08-Aug-19 08:48:11

For around 5 days I mean*

Lauralou8484 Thu 08-Aug-19 08:47:28

It's very normal in miscarriage to be running to the toilet dir around 5 days with heavy bleeding and clots. How are you feeling? Xx

Twintwo234 Thu 08-Aug-19 07:28:20

My body only rejecting the miscarriage last night at 3am (8 weeks) I had almost like contraction pains for 20-30 mins and everything came out in one, after that on the toilet I had two pops one after another that gushed out of water or blood, since then I keep running to toilet as I feel it coming and seems to pour out, it’s bright red not like period at all?

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