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Has anyone had miscarriages because of their partners sperm?

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Bella19961 Mon 05-Aug-19 16:04:40


I was wondering if anyone would be able to help. Has anyone had any reoccurant misscarriages and found out it's their partners sperm?

I've had all blood tests related to thyroids, blood clotting etc. I've had scans to look at the shape of my pelvis etc but nothing has ever come back.. but I'm still misscarrying?

We are considering doing some private tests on top of the NHS ones but we aren't too sure what we should get test done for? Is it true if your getting pregnant then it's because of the women's eggs or body rather than the speed thar fertilised the egg?

Thank you in advance, x

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Teddybear45 Mon 05-Aug-19 16:11:10

Where did you get the tests done? Most thyroid tests on the NHS don’t test for the presence of antibodies or may put you down as normal when you aren’t. They also only look for the most common clotting disorders. Are you also taking prenatals? Most fertility clinics in the UK recommend Pregnacare Max to those who can afford it as it contains all the basic stuff you need for conception.

As a rule of thumb early miscarriages tend to be caused mostly by chromosomal issues (either from the mother, the father or both), while late miscarriages tend to be caused mostly as a result of the mother or baby’s health. Go get yourselves tested privately for a proper idea of what the problem is.

Bella19961 Mon 05-Aug-19 16:25:04


Thank you for your reply!

I had them done at my local hospital who have been absolutely shocking 😞 I've now been referred to st Mary's in London through the NHS.

How will a private doctor know what tests I've already had? What do you mean by they say I'm in normal limits when I'm not? How would I find out if they have done this?

Thank you! X

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Teddybear45 Mon 05-Aug-19 16:52:28

I would suggest getting everything tested again. Many fertility clinics offer what is called Level 1 or Level 2 testing, which looks at everything from the thyroid, to clotting disorders, RH factor, antibodies and autoimmune response. Women who produce thyroid antibodies or have RH factor may have an abnormal autoimmune response in which case steroid treatment may be needed as a minimum to stop implantation failures. The problem with NHS thyroid tests is that all hospitals use different criteria for sub-clinical hypothyroidism & may not follow NICE guidelines. This means you could actually have a serious thyroid problem but it will go undetected unless it becomes really, really bad. My TSH levels are 7.9, and I have TPO antibodies in the hundreds (which suggests hashimotos) but because my T4 level was just in the normal range my NHS GP and hospital weren’t willing to prescribe thyroxine and called the result normal (without telling me). I only got treated after I got a private re-test, a private prescription, and a private referral to an endocrinologist who then made my GP / hospital change their stance.

Bella19961 Mon 05-Aug-19 17:38:18

@Teddybear45 wow thank you so much!!!

I feel for you, that must of been such a struggle. 😞!

Where did you go private if you don't mind me asking? X

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 05-Aug-19 19:33:50

NHS only carries out very standard tests - it's most likely a chromosome issue which could be caused by one or both of you - if your doing ivf try PGS testing or pay privately for karyotyping

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 05-Aug-19 19:33:57

NHS only carries out very standard tests - it's most likely a chromosome issue which could be caused by one or both of you - if your doing ivf try PGS testing or pay privately for karyotyping

Teddybear45 Mon 05-Aug-19 20:15:40

I used Care Fertility. Northampton and Birmingham are amazing. I can’t vouch for the others though. I had three implantation failures that were blamed on egg quality despite the embryos being graded high on imaging (I have PCOS too) but now admit might have been due to implantation failures.

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