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Mmc after ivf - stopping medication

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Littlelot Tue 30-Jul-19 16:09:56

Scan yesterday confirmed a mmc - should have been 8 weeks but no development since 6 - I stopped taking the medication to support the pregnancy. Just wondering how long after stopping the medication the actual miscarriage began for other people? I know it will be different for everyone but feeling so lost at the moment. Can’t believe I’m doing more waiting but also feeling so anxious about knowing a miscarriage is coming. Thank you

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eurochick Tue 30-Jul-19 16:20:00

I had exactly the same experience with my first ivf cycle. I just wanted it over so started "project eviction" - strong coffee, alcohol, brutal exercise. I was trying to make my body a hostile environment. I've no idea if it worked or if it would have happened anyway, but I started bleeding after a couple of days.

I'm sorry you are going through this. If it helps a teeny bit, I did eventually get my happy ending. Often it is a numbers game. You just need to find the right embryo.

LillyLeaf Tue 30-Jul-19 17:34:42

First time I hadn't started to bleed within a week so took the medical management, I was 10wks, found out at 9wks, it had stopped growing at 7.3. Second time I was nearly 7wks, 3 days after I stopped the meds I started bleeding. Hopefully it won't drag for you. It's amazing how quickly you go hoping the pregnancy will continue to hoping you miscarry quickly.

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