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9 week scan showing small embryo but no heartbeat - is this a MMC?

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Ellismellie Thu 11-Jul-19 19:59:48

This is my first post on Mumsnet and I don't really know what I'm doing so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section. I just wanted to get some opinions.

The date of my last period was on 4th May, so I should currently now be at around 9 weeks pregnant. However, I am wondering if my dates are off as I have polycystic ovaries so have irregular cycles. I booked a private early pregnancy scan at 6 weeks and saw an empty gestational sac and was told to come back in 3 weeks. I went back today and was told that the pregnancy had progressed since the last scan as there was an embryo, but there was still no heartbeat. I have been told to go back in another 2 weeks to confirm if the pregnancy is viable or not.

The wait is absolute torture. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am probably going to miscarry, but I wondered if there was at all a slight change that my dates could be off?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated x

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WantLifeToBeBetter Fri 12-Jul-19 23:11:09

Ellismelliei don't know I'm afraid but bumping for you. The wait must be so hard flowers

RedPandaFluff Fri 12-Jul-19 23:15:19

I'm so sorry you're in such a stressful situation, @Ellismellie - your dates could be wrong, but it could also be a non-viable pregnancy. It's torture but only time will tell. Try and keep as busy as you can in the next couple of weeks - I know from experience that it will feel like years but planning lots to do helped pass the time for me. I hope you get a good outcome 💐

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