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Utterly exhausted

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LillyLeaf Thu 04-Jul-19 18:28:47

@MonicaGellerHyphenBing so sorry about your MC, it's so awful. I think I will go to the gp, I'm worried my iron might be low and I don't feel in the best health to be doing another IVF cycle.

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MonicaGellerHyphenBing Thu 04-Jul-19 15:11:32

Sorry to hear you are going through this 😢 I am only 6 days post-miscarriage so can’t advise if it gets better but I too feel the exhaustion, mental as well as physical. I am sure a GP wouldn’t think you are wasting their time if you wanted to speak to them, it’s what they are there for. flowers

LillyLeaf Thu 04-Jul-19 10:07:39

I'm 3 weeks or so past the first day of MC bleeding and I'm utterly exhausted. This is my 2nd MC in 6 months and I'm knackered. Both were also IVF so I don't know if this adds to it. I can't get up in the mornings, I am wiped out. Is this normal? I've started drinking coffee which I ideally don't want to drink as I'll need to stop once IVF starts again. I'm not sure if I should see a gp or is it just wasting their time and it will pass. Anyone experienced this?

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