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Am I truly having a miscarriage?

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Mamtoone Mon 24-Jun-19 15:22:08

Hello lovely ladies I really need some advice! I’m currently 5weeks + 5days pregnant on baby number 2. I had blood tests done 3 days ago which showed that my hormone levels were low and hcg at 785 !! Very low. Along with that I also had a scan which showed no sign of the pregnancy. Yesterday I started bleeding and had another scan today which showed the pregnancy sac however they said it’s most likely a non viable pregnancy because of the bleeding and blood results.

The sac seemed to be moving she said with my blood. I just want to know if anyone had been through that and if it was a misdiagnosed miscarriage?

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WantLifeToBeBetter Mon 24-Jun-19 17:24:46

I really don't know I'm afraid (my experience was very different) but bumping for you flowers

moomin11 Mon 24-Jun-19 19:35:41

I have heard stories of misdiagnosis but it's normally where dates are out so the pregnancy just isn't as far along as was expected (but then progresses as normal). They tend to look at the whole picture i.e. dates, scan, bleeding/pain. Did you have bloods 48hrs apart?

Mamtoone Mon 24-Jun-19 20:11:39

They said after the scan today that they won’t redo bloods as it’s “confusion” for them ?!

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