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Can anyone relate...

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Pamplem00se Mon 17-Jun-19 08:27:03

I had a miscarriage may 18. Took until February this year to get pregnant again and I knew i had lots of fertility issues coming up that were likely to make getting pregnant again a similarly lengthy process. My other children were getting older and I didn't want a massive gap and I had a limited window before I needed to set career wheels in motion that would have been difficult with a pregnancy / small baby. I was beside myself with paranoia not helped by multiple episodes of bleeding and feeling like my symptoms weren't picking up quickly enough. I'm nearly 20 weeks. Everything is fine. It's so so hard- but deep breaths and fingers crossed. Every day is a day closer to the baby...

cheeseislife8 Sun 16-Jun-19 14:03:58

It's utterly terrifying isn't it! Definitely get an early scan to put your mind at rest. Good luck OP

keebo Sun 16-Jun-19 13:35:21

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering. I'm currently 31wks with pregnancy no.3 after the first 2 miscarried. I was an anxious mess when this one started, just waiting for the bleeding to start again, and similarly had very few symptoms (as was the same with both MCs too). My saviour was hypnotherapy which wasn't cheap but one session and I was instantly happier. I had 3 extra scans before 20wks (2private and one NHS) which were also very reassuring. I would really recommend both scans and hypnotherapy if you can afford it. My view is that your mental health (and which obviously impacts the pregnancy) is worth the investment.
But remember just because the last one was a MC doesn't mean this one will be (easy to say I know!). Good luck

broodymamma Sun 16-Jun-19 13:17:44

So I had an MMC exactly a year ago which was discovered at 8 weeks and resulted in a DNC. I naively thought I would be super fertile after a misscarriage but its taken a very long year to get a pregnancy test to oblige with a second line. I had 1 day of feeling floatingly happy, but soon the doubts started to set in.

My line progression didnt seem to be happening quickly enough but eventually they are quite positive except for the internet cheapieas who I suspect take a liking in showing that you get what you pay for.

Im now hitting the 6 week mark and my lack of symtoms are certainly unsettling me to say the least. I keep on pinching my breasts to see if they are in any way tender. No satifaction there. I usualy get a bloated tummy each evening that is awfully uncomfortable but settles by the morning but no sign of it. I would expect to have that awful matalic taste in my mouth and that churning feeling of nausea but no such luck. And the only symtom that I did have just after my positive result which was frequent unrination has had the indecency to stop.

As I have experienced 6 successful pregnancies in the past which were all full of the symtoms I am now longing for, I cant help but feel in my heart that this isnt going to end happily.

The only way I can justify this pregnancy being so different to the others is if its a boy as my others are all girls. I am planning to go and get an early scan on Wednesday so I can better know where I stand as I am constantly feeling so anxious about it all which cant be healthy. Has anyone experianced anything similar with a good outcome?

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