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Morning sickness after miscarriage

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Duebabynumbertwo Sat 15-Jun-19 17:17:51

How long will this go on for? It seems cruel that I’m no longer pregnant but I feel so sick and tired all the time. I just want it to be over so I can go back to normal.

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jollyohh Wed 19-Jun-19 20:25:55

So sorry you're going through this. I had hyperemisis with s a missed mc. Baby died at 8 weeks but I didn't find out until 12 weeks. Sickness didn't go until I had the mc surgically removed, then it went pretty much straight away.

Hope you are doing ok thanks

Duebabynumbertwo Thu 20-Jun-19 13:24:05

Oh I’m sorry that must’ve been awful.
Mine died at 6 weeks and I’m 11 weeks now so it seems to be holding onto it for some reason?
I was hoping it would happen naturally but I might book in for surgery just so I can get this all over with!!

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jollyohh Fri 21-Jun-19 07:28:39

Thank you. It was a crappy time and such a shock given how sick I was.

I just felt it wasn't going to happen on it's own and I felt so awful I opted to surgical removal as it was quickest. Was in theatre two days later. No issues and I made a quick recovery, was back at work two weeks later.

Went in to conceive DD a couple of months later.

Hope you're doing ok.

DiddyRebel Thu 27-Jun-19 11:00:38

I've a suspected MMC, got scanned on Tuesday and should have seen an 8 wk embryo but the sac is only measuring 6 weeks with no signs of life. I'm still feeling sick and tired too. It's an absolute kicker as I've never felt so sick with pregnancy before so I naively assumed all was OK. I'm getting scanned again on Tuesday, and will ask for medical or surgical management as I just want to feel normal again.

Due have you had surgery now?

Duebabynumbertwo Sat 29-Jun-19 10:50:20

@DiddyRebel Yes I had an mva yesterday - I have cramping and bleeding today but the sickness has completely gone.
I hope there’s a positive result at your next scan but if not then I wouldn’t recommend the mva.
I chose it as I didn’t want the general anaesthetic as I felt so groggy after my last ERPC and I have a 2 year old now but the mva was a horrible experience. Fingers crossed for you. 🤞🏻

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