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NHS complaint

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Taylor27 Tue 04-Jun-19 16:00:38

Can anybody advise me how to complain about the NHS?

Back story i miscarried in December 18, we asked if i needed to cancel appointments and they said no they would sort that for us. A week later the midwife texts me to ask how the scan went and to book my next appointment, i was upset i had to then tell the midwife that actually i had miscarried! Fell pregnant again Feb 19 had a 7 week scan everything went well baby had a strong heart beat nurse was happy. Went for 12 week scan on the 2nd May to be told that they actually cancelled my appointment and gave to somebody else! Fuming not even a phone call to tell me it had been cancelled they said they could fit me in the next day as i was 12+4. So the next day me and my partner return for our scan and unfortunately was told that the baby's heart had stopped so i was sent to the early ward where i was given my options. We asked about my appointments if i needed to cancel them and they said no its fine they would sort that out for us. 3 weeks later 28th May I'm back at work reduced hours and i get a message to say that i had missed my 16 week midwife appointment. Heart breaking i ring them and explain that in fact i am no longer pregnant and said the hospital said they would cancel my appointments, they take my details and apologised and said they would take me off the system. Im back to work this week full time 2nd day today and you will never guess what!!! I miss a phone call and then get a message to say they need to cancel my appointment on Friday and re arrange. Are they actually kidding me?? I had to take 10 mins to try and pull myself together at work and ring my partner, i was so upset i text my manager and said that i won't be returning for the rest of my shift. I'm angry, upset, annoyed and absolutely heart broken that they have done this again. Its not hard to read my notes and if i keep missing appointments there must be a reason!!
I was just getting back to normal life it has been so shit for us recently a few days after i miscarried my baby Rhyley (dog) had to have major surgery and it was the worst time of my life. angry

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Grumpbum123 Tue 04-Jun-19 16:02:23

Contact PALS I’m sorry about your miscarriages

Herocomplex Tue 04-Jun-19 16:12:13

I’m so very sorry you’ve suffered these losses. This is really awful and I can’t think of a crueller thing to happen in your situation. I would make a complaint. What you’ve written here is very clear and explains the facts well.
I hope you are getting love and support.

Herocomplex Tue 04-Jun-19 16:13:47

Sorry, you need to contact PALS, it’ll be on the website of the hospital where you’ve been seen.

Taylor27 Tue 04-Jun-19 16:14:57

Thank you. I will have a look now.

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Carltzzzzzzzzzz Thu 06-Jun-19 19:42:22

I'm so sorry for your losses. I had the same thing happen to me! It's heartbreaking having to tell your midwife that you're no longer pregnant and we shouldn't be put in that position! I complained to my doctor's surgery who said they would chase it up!!

KellyMarieTunstall2 Thu 06-Jun-19 20:00:41

Send an email to PALS at your hospital and they will look into this for you.
Sending you a hug. I understand how you feel. Take care

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