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2 late miscarriages

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12345gl Sat 25-May-19 17:13:35

I’m so sorry to hear the hell you have been through one was awful for me but 2 must of been so heart wrenching for you but don’t give up hope 💖 Here if you want to talk I lost my son 3 days ago at 22 weeks

OrdinaryGirl Thu 23-May-19 22:57:09

So, so sorry to read your post, OP. I hope somebody will be along soon to provide some practical advice. Sending you thanks and am thinking of you in the meantime.

Islandermum Thu 23-May-19 11:15:18

I'm really sorry to hear about your losses. I can't add anything unfortunately but I couldn't read and run.
Sending love and hope to you x

fluffyunicorns86 Wed 22-May-19 17:02:26

hello everyone.

I have been through 2 late miscarriages, one was in October 2018 at 18 weeks and then my second was on the 1st of may 2019. I am really struggling with my depression and blaming myself for this happening right now.

Has anyone been through this and actually found out what has caused this to happen. Post mortem found nothing on my son who I lost in October last year. Waiting for recent baby to come back from Post Mortem so can arrange funeral and hopefully get results back in a few weeks time.

I just really want some answers. also want to know what will happen when me and partner are ready as we want to try again and what they will do to prevent this happening again if they can.

Guess I just want to know if anyone been through similar and been on and had a healthy baby afterwards.

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