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New pregnancy or left over HCG?

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hopeful20191 Sat 04-May-19 15:56:52

Hi All 👋🏼

I sadly had a miscarriage at 11+4 weeks just over 8 weeks ago. I was told to retest after and after 4 weeks was getting negatives on the cheap strip tests then a few days later my AF arrived so didn’t bother testing again.

I had a few symptoms peeing more than usual etc so last Saturday decided to take a FRER test and it came with a very faint positive, I tested again a few days later and another faint positive but this time was noticeably darker so assumed I must be pregnant again then a few days later looked a lot lighter again confused CB digital have all said not pregnant and cheap strips only 1 line.

My hcg levels were around 112,000 at 8 weeks in the previous pregnancy which is on the higher end so would have been even higher by 11+4 weeks so is it possible that the first response test is just picking up old hcg? I would have assumed that my levels would have gone back to normal after first period and my GP said it’s highly unlikely to still be in my system so must be a new pregnancy but I’m not convinced and really don’t want to get my hopes up. & I know first response are super sensitive so I’m just so confused now!

My AF is due is 3 days and CB digital and all other test apart from FRER are negative.

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sadtoday21 Sun 05-May-19 01:06:43

I'd say it's likely a chemical pregnancy - that's what it usually means when the lines start getting lighter. It is definitely a new pregnancy if you were gettign bfns before and had an AF - not likely to be leftover hcg in your system if you already had a bfn. If you are temping you can expect to sign a temp decrease an AF arrive a few days later than usual. This is what happened to me the first cycle about my mmc at 12 weeks - it was also about the same time as you now. Take care xxx.

hopeful20191 Sun 05-May-19 17:05:21

Thank you for reply.

Yes that’s what I’m worried about as the line was appearing to get darker.

I tested again today and looks darker again but still faint compared to how it should look I should be around 17dpo so should be darker. I’m just so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

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sadtoday21 Sun 05-May-19 17:53:19

Hi @hopeful20191 that sounds like good news! If the line is getting darker then you are pregnant and maybe it is not a chemical after all. It doesn't really matter how many dpos you are, just whether your line is getting darker or lighter.

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