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No heartbeat at 12+4

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Taylor27 Fri 03-May-19 22:55:15


I am new here so I miscarried in December 2018 I had a few scans as baby wasn’t growing and miscarrried at 11+6 but only measured as 7 weeks. Tried again and fell pregnant again in February this year had a scan at 7 weeks to check how things where going and had a strong heartbeat, the lady was happy and said all looks good and strong heartbeat. Had my 12 weeks scan today I am 12+4 and was told no heartbeat. Baby only measuring at 7+5 but the man said it could of happened not long after my first scan or it could have ended the last few days as the baby would have shrunk, so couldn’t give me a rough time. But why all was going well had a few cramps but was told it was normal as the uterus grows you could get cramps, I felt sick all the time got a little bump, sore breasts I just can’t get it in my head.

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undertheoldoaktree Sun 05-May-19 09:28:50

I'm so, so sorry this has happened. I can only remember how absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking it is to receive such news. And to receive it twice in such quick succession doesn't bear thinking about.
It's understandable you feel so lost and confused - I found it very hard to get much information from my midwife or the hospital, and felt extremely abandoned.
Have you been given options as to how to proceed?
There's a thread with practical advice for miscarriage on here which is very helpful, and I'd recommend the Miscarriage Association for advice too.
You can phone or email Tommy's (I appreciated being able to email and not having to talk to anyone!) who give great advice too. They also have several clinics across the country, its definitely worth asking if you meet the referral criteria for any of those as they offer additional tests/screening etc. I was never told about these by the NHS but anecdotally I've been told they're absolutely fantastic.
Thinking of you x

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