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Exhaustion 3 weeks after MMC, is it normal?

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Givemethegin Tue 23-Apr-19 19:08:16

I'm absolutely exhausted every other day right now, or probably every day but I just try and keep some elements of normal life going...
Has anyone else experienced debilitating fatigue 3 weeks post op for miscarriage? I was 12 weeks pregnant, baby had died at 11wks.
I've asked the Dr for an anaemia blood test but just wanted to see if others also suffer with having to go back to bed and only managing 2 days work per week at this stage.
I'm so exhausted that if someone says the wrong thing to me I'm likely to breakdown in tears / meltdown, but some days are OK and I cope. I feel like I've processed the loss mentally, but my body isn't playing ball.

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Samk79 Wed 24-Apr-19 22:00:54

Yes I have, my miscarriage started 4 weeks ago, I ended up having surgery for it. I still feel exhausted. My gp has prescribed iron tablets as I was bleeding for 4 weeks. I am due to have a blood test to check my hb levels
Sorry for your loss x

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