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Samc123 Thu 18-Apr-19 12:36:00

Hello all,
New to mums net but would love some advice/ other peoples stories!
I am 28 years old, healthy and have just recently (3 months ago) decided to try for a baby with my lovely OH.
The first month I conceived had a positive pregnanancy test 12 DPO then started bleeding and a few days later it turned negative. As you can imagine, as the first time I have ever tried to conceive with no other children this was a bit of a shock!
I read up on C Pregnancy, and spoke to the doctor who said it is all very common and I can continue to try again without a break. This month the same thing has happened I was pregnant 12 DPO then took a pregnancy test a few days later for it to be negative again! the only difference this month is my bleeding is a lot lighter, last month lasted 4 days, quite heavy, this month only 3 and light!

I am thinking of taking a month break to regulate my periods again and then continue trying but I am a little stressed out/ confused/ gutted by it all. I have also been reading up that it could be low progesterone & have been looking at AVA fertility trackers to help with my dates!

Any advice would be so Appreciated.

Thanks all,

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miracleon13th Thu 18-Apr-19 20:09:36

You're still very early in your journey - I would wait to have one full period as having back to back chemicals/miscarriages can just cause more Miscarriages as you're not letting your lining recover

Chemicals can happen for lots of reasons and most of them aren't related to progesterone - it could be egg/sperm quality/lining thickness/luteul phase defect etc too

You can get cheap progesterone test strips on amazon so maybe try them next time

Start taking a pre conception vitamin for you and DH and reduce caffeine Diet Coke alcohol etc as these can affect implantation by as much as 25%

Also if you have a high BMI try to lose weight

Be prepared for your GP not to provide further help or referrals for at least 1-2 years of trying to conceive x

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