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Results of histology

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Sagh Mon 01-Apr-19 09:12:28

The hospital just called me with the histology results of the last miscarriage. Everything was norwal! I have just lost a healthy child sad. I am heartbroken sad So far i was comforting myself that they baby was not healthy, but now I know this is not the case. I can't stop crying sadsad

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Mishappening Mon 01-Apr-19 09:18:26

I am so sorry - that is hard to bear. The miscarriage must have been for reasons other than genetics. Can you talk to the doctor about the possible causes and remedies? flowers

Sagh Mon 01-Apr-19 09:40:40

@Mishappening I didn't get any other information. I got so shocked that I didn't get to ask any questions and since it was over the phone, my brain was not working fast enough. sad Now I feel I did something wrong sadsad

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Mishappening Mon 01-Apr-19 11:19:15

Miscarriage is very very common indeed and often the cause is unknown. What usually happens is that the woman goes on to have normal pregnancies. This is certainly what happened to me and to one of my DDs who had several miscarriages. It is a devastating event for the woman at the time, but the long term outcome is most often and good one.

I hope you can pick yourself up and move on from this. Hopefully you will look back on this one day as a blip in your child-bearing years.

Sagh Mon 01-Apr-19 15:56:56

@Mishappening thanks for the kind words!

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sadtoday21 Mon 01-Apr-19 16:17:57

Just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss and that the news isn't what you wanted to hear @Sagh. I think you commented on one of my threads when I was waiting for results too and it looks like we both got them back now. In my case, it was a partial molar pregnancy and that is why my baby died at 12 weeks. It was doomed from the start. Having this news doesn't really make me feel better and it means I have to be monitored now and can't ttc again until Charring Cross clears me to do so. I thought I might have to have chemo at one point because of it, when my hcg started to rise. I only say this to suggest that having a cause isn't always better because it means there is a problem that can prevent you from ttc again right away. In your case, it seems you are healthy and that is good news, even though it is really devastating that you don't know why your baby passed away. I'm really sorry for everything you are going through right now, I know your loss was particularly hard, and I hope that you will have good news to share with us soon. Best of luck and best wishes for the future xxx.

AwkwardAsAllGetout Mon 01-Apr-19 16:23:59

It’s nothing you have done x I too was saddened when I got a histology report after our third miscarriage saying that there was no abnormality detected. The miscarriage itself had been brutal, I lost a lot of blood and it took a good 6 months to physically get my strength back. But I’m now hugely pregnant (was due yesterday in fact) so please, please don’t give up hope xx

MrsSquiggler Mon 01-Apr-19 16:35:11

Are you sure that the histology was to test for all abnormalities? I thought the routine histology they do was just to rule out molar pregnancy etc. I chose to do genetic testing of the embryo after my last miscarriage but it was separate from the histology and I had to pay for it privately.

juneau Mon 01-Apr-19 16:38:00

1/5 to 2/5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. More often than not the cause is unknown, it's just 'one of those things'. Chances are you did nothing wrong OP. Grieve, but don't blame yourself. Your chances of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term in future are good. When you feel ready to try again, do.

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