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First period after miscarriage

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Lauramellor89 Mon 18-Mar-19 22:57:46

I had a natural miscarriage on 15/02/19. I think I'm currently having my period however I will bleed very very heavy for 10mins one day and then nothing until the next day for the same amount of time again. I also have very very small clots. I'm just really confused as to whether this is my period. Has anyone ever had the same experience? This was my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to think. Any advice would be amazing. Thankyou

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logan0517 Sun 07-Apr-19 21:08:26

I am currently having my first period as well since my mmc January 19. I am on day 7 of heavy bleeding, large clots, lots of blood and changing pads all the time. The doctors don’t seem concerned as they say this is normal... today I’m feeling lightheaded but I’m hoping and praying this will end soon. They said if I bleed for 7-10 days then I would need to come in.. I’m getting there quickly.

logan0517 Sun 07-Apr-19 21:09:34

I have bled on and off light and heavy through these last 3 months. I only went 19 days without bleeding before this “period” started.

sadtoday21 Sun 07-Apr-19 22:56:48

Hi! Sorry you are going through this. I had my first period around the same time as a second early mc and it was still only three days of bleeding, heaviest on day two. I would see a doctor if it lasts for a week or if you go through more than one pad an hour.

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