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2 Looses, what next

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PenguNoodle Sun 17-Mar-19 16:33:16

I've had two traumatic looses, one at 21 weeks and a missed miscarriage after a scan at 8 weeks where there was no heartbeat.

I went to the hospital last week where they gave me a pill to start the bleeding and have a scan booked next week to check if everything has cleared.

My question is how soon can I get started again? The first time round we waited 3.5 months to get some test results but hoping to get going as soon as possible this time round.

Both pregnancies were IVF so I was on progesterone support and clexane. Can I get started again when my period arrives? Or would I need to wait till my second period?

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Snowflake9 Sun 17-Mar-19 16:37:07

Have they booked you for another scan in a week's time to check?

I had a scan at 12 weeks as started bleeding a little, they saw something that measured 7 weeks with no HB. They didn't give me any options about pill/D&C until they did another scan a week later and checked for growth or HB.

We waited 3, months and fell again, I am now 16+6. It's so horrible when you miscarry and every pregnancy is a one in 4, chance of loss..

Hope you are ok xx

PenguNoodle Sun 17-Mar-19 16:58:47

Thanks snowflake.

Hope you are doing ok too. Yes so hard and I'm so scared of scans now. I had an initial scan at 6.5 weeks and they said the measurements were smaller than they expected but I was relieved when I saw a heartbeat, though it was very slow. They told me to wait 10 days and they would do a rescan and that's when we found there was no heartbeat. After that we went to EPU and they gave me 3 optionsAnd I chose to take the pills. The scan next week is just to check that the pregnancy is all cleared

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Snowflake9 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:41:05

I can honestly say nothing in my life has been harder. It was devastating. And took months to get over.

I can understand why you would be petrified of scans, miscarriage isn't spoken about enough.

You will have so many people tell you that it will happen when the time is right blah blah blah. That doesn't take away the hurt and is not helpful in the slightest.

Please just be easy on yourself , fall pregnant when you will and love and lean on your partner . You will only become stronger through this. X

PenguNoodle Sun 17-Mar-19 22:40:10

I know exactly what you mean. I had only just started getting over my first loss even though I would still think about my baby girl every single day and then I was pregnant again only to loose all over again. Life is shit and so unfair sometimes.

Back to work after a week off tomorrow and dreading it. One lady in our team is pregnant and always complaining about it! And then lots of people have announced pregnancies too! Very hard with constant reminders everywhere

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Snowflake9 Sun 17-Mar-19 22:45:18

Definitely. My nephew's wife was pregnant along with my best friend when I lost mine. The baby showers were so hard .

I remember sitting at my desk after my week off and just feeling numb. No one seemed to care (people didn't know why I was off to be fair but they didn't ask how I was, just seemed annoyed I had had a week off ) about 10 minutes in to my day I was glad of the distraction and something to focus on.

Make sure you eat a proper breakfast and you don't have to explain why you were off to your colleagues I used the phrase "I have had a difficult week personally, I am still very sensitive. So if I seem withdrawn it's nothing personal "

It seemed to go down ok. X

LillyLeaf Sun 17-Mar-19 23:02:34

So sorry for your losses. Miscarriages after IVF just adds another level of shitiness. You can't just try ttc again, it's not that easy. My clinic are happy for me to start my FET after my first proper period. Well I'll still down reg then have a bleed then do a transfer after that. Have you thought about doing any recurrent miscarriage tests?

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