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No BFN nearly 5 weeks after ERPC

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SARmum14 Sat 16-Mar-19 08:16:44

Hi all, I've been posting on another thread but wondered if anyone could help me. I found out at a scan that I was having a MMC 6 weeks ago. One week later (5 weeks from now) I had an ERPC and I've been regularly doing HPTs to see where my hormone levels are. After 3 weeks when they were sill positive I was called back to my EPU and they saw on US a small amount of retained pregnancy tissue which they gave me misoprostol for and that seemed to work, I bled for 24 hours. That was over a week ago and I'm still getting BFPs and I'm really worried. My EPU have called me back in but not til the end of next week and google is making me feel a bit mad. Does anyone have any experience with this and can they help? I was 11wks at time of ERPC so know that my HCG will have been high but it's been 5 weeks since the surgery. I feel so hopelessly sad and unable to move forward. I know this is clutching at straws but I wondered if anyone had anything reassuring (or otherwise) that they could please share?

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sarmum14 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:26:50

Bumping just in case

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