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Threatened Miscarriage vs Miscarriage

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Blue00 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:08:00

Posting as it’s helped me reading through old posts at this time, so hoping in the future this might help someone.

At about 4w+5 days I started to notice almost a brown discharge when I wiped and had some light cramps in my lower tummy. Went to the doctors that evening who asked me some questions but didn’t examine me. She told me it was a threatened miscarriage and to wait a week and take another test and would have my answer then. Obviously distraught and having to wait a week felt like a lifetime.

Two days later I woke up and the blood was a bit heavier and pain a bit stronger so went to A&E. They took my bloods and said they were 400hcg which was too low for how many weeks I was so that I was miscarrying and to go home and come back in 48hours to the EPU.

2 days passed and the EPU did an internal scan which showed nothing abnormal which was good but no sign of a baby either. She did say my uterus lining looked thick which was a sign of early pregnancy. They took my bloods which came back at 613 - they were concerned as had notdoubled in 48 hours so sent me home to come back in another 2 days.

That day is today and I’m so anxious, bleeding has never been heavier than just on the toilet paper when I wipe with no clots and cramps have always been like a mild period pain but my lower back is sore. Boobs are still sore and pg tests still showing as strong positive. I had resigned myself that it was definitely a miscarriage after the A&E trip but the EPU visit gave me a little bit of hope which I think perhaps was not good.

So nervous about today but hoping I’ll no one way of the other in a few hours. The waiting has been awful. This is my first pregnancy so nothing to compare it against.

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coconutlatte44 Wed 13-Mar-19 09:18:40

Hi @blue00
Sorry you are going through this, I am right here with you. I also have suspected miscarriage (have now seen empty sac on ultrasound at 7 weeks, going back next week for final confirmation). My symptoms were brown spotting and mild cramping.

Like you, I was reassured by a trip to urgent care over the weekend during which the doctor said he wasn't concerned and urine showed I was still pregnant. However, I wasn't totally convinced and tried to prepare myself for the worst, and I am glad I did.

It is true that in many cases brown spotting and mild cramping goes on to have a healthy pregnancy, but if you are like me, it is better to be realistic and recognise there is a chance that our bodies have decided the pregnancy is not viable and would not lead to a healthy baby.

The waiting is so awful though. Will be thinking of you.

Blue00 Wed 13-Mar-19 12:10:09

@coconutlatte44 really sorry to hear that. I know it sounds crazy but until going through this I didn't realise how common it was!

Had my hormones tested again today and they have doubled.... was not the result we expected at all. Now have to wait for Monday for a scan to see if they can see anything that looks like a viable pregnancy.

Really don't want to get my hopes up as I know the chances are very slim and I'm still bleeding but it's really hard not to give myself a little bit of hope.

Thinking of you before your scan - the waiting is definitely one if the most frustrating things. I think having an answer either way at this stage is better than not knowing

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coconutlatte44 Wed 13-Mar-19 12:48:16

Hi Blue00,
Glad there are some positive signs. Absolutely nothing wrong with staying hopeful. smile We'll keep our fingers crossed for you, but know you will be able to cope no matter what the outcome. We are stronger than we think.

intrigued2018 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:36:54

@Blue00 - thanks for starting this thread, I'm in exactly the same position and have absolutely no idea what's going to happen. I'm 5+1 after getting a positive on my first round of IVF. I very much suspect this is going to end, I've had this horrible feeling since last Saturday and then yesterday woke up to brown spotting. This afternoon it's increased to red blood and a little more Han spotting. I had my hcg levels taken which were 2962 yesterday am and back again tomorrow for more bloods but seems pointless! Absolutely heartbroken, I hate saying it but life feels so unfair right now. X

TildaTurnip Thu 14-Mar-19 16:39:32

I had similar. Increasing bloods but bleeding and cramping.

I miscarried a twin and I know of a couple of friends this has happened to too.


Prequelle Thu 14-Mar-19 16:40:46

They're wrong about the HCG. There's no set levels for weeks of pregnancy and it's infuriating that healthcare professionals worry women by saying things like that. Where I work we tell people to ignore the number, as long as it doubles it's fine.

Blue I hope everything is Okay, reassuring that they've doubled!

Blue00 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:58:20

@intrigued2018 so sorry to hear you are going through this, the whole round of bloods and waiting for results then waiting for another blood test is so emotionally draining. Hope you get some positive news
tomorrow - will be thinking of you

@tildaturnip thanks for sharing - I had never heard of that before

@prequelle that’s good to know, was definitely heartbreaking to hear them say I’d miscarried because of the low levels and actually I could have been spared that pain until they were sure but maybe they have to just prepare you for the worst

I’m still bleeding and cramping - it’s been a week of that now so I don’t have high hopes for Monday’s scan. My partner is really positive after the last bloods and I just worry how it’s going to affect him if it’s bad news because I just have this gut feeling something is not right.

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intrigued2018 Thu 14-Mar-19 17:05:50

Thanks all, the waiting is horrendous especially when the spotting / bleeding only seems to get worse plus I'm still having pregnancy symptoms that it all feels too much to deal with and no idea how we are going to cope with having to start the entire IVF process again this. I just feel a need time out of work etc, it doesn't help my father in law is terminally ill so feels like everything is against us. I thought with this our luck had finally changed after a truly horrendous 2018 but clearly now!

@Prequelle - my hcg levels are high but agree that clinics shouldn't give an indication as there is no right number necessarily.

@Blue00 - fingers crossed for your next lot of bloods, I know the feeling of knowing something isn't right! I hope it all works out for you.

@coconutlatte44 - best of luck for your scan Monday, the impeding wait is horrid! Xxxx

TildaTurnip Thu 14-Mar-19 22:46:24

@tildaturnip thanks for sharing - I had never heard of that before

I hadn’t until it happened and I spoke about it to friends about it. So much in early pregnancy is uncertain. It’s stressful. I’ll not forget the scan when they told me that I had miscarried but then moved the wand and found another sac. Sorry you’re going through such worry.

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