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First pregnancy miscarriage and TTC again

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Squiff70 Tue 05-Mar-19 18:23:06

You really need to wait for a normal period after a miscarriage because the womb lining needs time to thicken and recover.

I'm sorry for your recent loss and wish you every luck in having a healthy pregnancy in the near future.

ceejam Tue 05-Mar-19 15:48:01

Hi hun,

I've just had my 4th miscarriage so pretty experienced here. I had my ERPC on 22nd January and would still show positive if I took a test even today! It is something called HCG (the pregnancy hormone). It is very easily tested and results are super accurate. You can show a positive result until they return to normal levels which can take up to three months. It does not stop you getting pregnant again however this is why doctors ask you to leave it one cycle before trying again after the ERPC. I wish you well!!

iambex Tue 05-Mar-19 15:16:49

Hi all,

Sadly, I had a natural miscarriage 2.5 weeks a go. It was my first pregnancy. My husband and I now feel ready to try again.

Over the last 5 days my cervical mucus has been similar to the lead-up to ovulation and yesterday I had EWCM. However today's pregnancy test still showed positive.

I'm really confused by this and worried I will miss ovulation this month.

I haven't used OPKs yet as I was waiting for a negative pregnancy test.

It feels like a silly question, but can you have EWCM and test positive on a pregnancy test?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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