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Prof. Quenby clinic in Coventry, Tommy's research clinic, or both?!

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teamseashore Mon 18-Feb-19 16:17:03

Hi all, I have just had my fourth consecutive miscarriage and am trying to work out what to do next.

I have had some tests done at my local hospital and they came back clear. I am thinking of going to Prof Quenby's clinic in Coventry for the nk cells testing. However I know they will just look ar nk cells and nothing else so I'm debating whether I need second opinion generally.

Has anyone asked to be referred to a Tommy's research clinic when they have already had basic tests done at a local hospital? Did you find it helpful? I'm basically wondering whether to ask to be referred to Tommy's Coventry as well as the nk cells clinic as then Prof Quenby will be able to review everything. However I live quite some distance away so not sure if it is worthwhile, unless they do something extra!

If anyone has any experience of Prof Quenby or the Tommy's research clinics I'd be interested to hear x

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Lolly2019 Mon 18-Feb-19 16:44:27


Sorry for your loss 💐
I’m really close to Tommy’s Coventry. After my 3rd miscarriage my doctor still refused to refer me. I contacted tommy direct and explained my situation and they said they would help me in terms of tests etc but that I deeded a referral from my gp. And then despite showing my gp emails from Tommy’s stating that I am eligible she bitch still refused. Personally I think take every opportunity you can get. My docter says she’s saying no because of my age. I’m 23. So im just like at what age do I need to be to be taken seriously! How many miscarriages before action is taken. I don’t want to turn around when I’m 30 and still be in the same situation, childless and only just beginning tests/ help. I am however in the process of changing gp so fingers grossed.

By yes defo take every opportunity. No matter how far or inconvenient. I just wish I had the chance. Xxxxx

teamseashore Tue 19-Feb-19 08:24:06

Hi Lolly, that's terrible that your doctor won't refer you. Can't you see a different GP and see if they will do it for you? X

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