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Recurrent miscarriage clinic anyone?

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NewYoiker Thu 14-Feb-19 13:59:15

My new gp was horrified I've had 6 miscarriages and a molar pregnancy and had no referral, so I have been referred now and my appointment came today. I'm just so happy I've been listened to and I hope so much they can help me.

Has anyone been referred?

Mochiface Thu 14-Feb-19 14:13:00

Hi Newyoiker,

I'm glad to hear you've been referred now and I'm so sorry you have had to go through this so many times.. each time just gets harder and harder. How the previous people missed referring you I've no idea!! Did you have to wait long and what did your first appointment entail? I am waiting for my appointment to come in.

NewYoiker Thu 14-Feb-19 14:41:16

@Mochiface my old GP said they didn't refer after miscarriages as 'it sometimes just happens ' when I moved out of area I registered with a new practice and they were horrified.

I was referred in November and got the appointment today. It's in March; I've not been yet. Hopefully they can offer me some answers after some tests though. Sorry you're going through it too xx

RiverTam Thu 14-Feb-19 14:45:47

That is not correct - in this country you should be referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic after 3 miscarriages. We were, though they found nothing (and then we went privately to the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St Mary's Paddington, which is the UK's leading clinic).

Good luck, OP.

RiverTam Thu 14-Feb-19 14:46:05

I would be tempted to report your old GP.

Mochiface Thu 14-Feb-19 15:55:10

I completely agree with *@RiverTam*.. after three, they should have referred you. I hope when they said it sometimes just happens, they were sensitive about it.. I got the talk of, well I have a patient at 50 who managed to have kids so you still have plenty of time (31). But I was like, I get that but I'm me and that's an exceptional case tbh.

Yeah, I spoke to some of the other girls on here and they said it took a while too. I hope you will get some answers but I've also read stories out there who were told unexplained.. do let us know the outcome and I hope your journey from now on will have more helpful people than your last GP.

Hi *@RiverTam*, sorry you are going through this. Did the the other clinic offer any answers on this?

RiverTam Thu 14-Feb-19 15:59:11

this was actually a while back and DD recently turned 9! But I had another 2 MCs after her and so we threw in the towel.

They didn't find anything wrong with either of us, but they prescribed progesterone (which my mum told me was routinely given to women TTC or in early pregnancy) which I took from ovulation until I was 12 weeks. I also had acupuncture.

siobhan52 Sun 17-Mar-19 07:29:48

Hi, I’m trying to get progesterone prescribed by my gp but they won’t... has anyone else had this problem?

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