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Post miscarriage

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Sallysal777 Wed 13-Feb-19 00:03:07


I had a miscarriage over 6 weeks ago. I recently was late taking my pill by 8 hours due to travelling and time difference. Yesterday I was bleeding a little and I thought it was maybe due to me being slightly late with my pill. Then today I passed something which was quite large and sorry for TMI but almost brain like. Through googling, the only thing I can see similar is a hydatidiform mole but I cant seem to see anyone else who has passed this with a period like bleeding or what to do once its happened. Any advice would be welcomed or any ideas on what it could be? Im going to book the Drs tomorrow but Im worried if its urgent or not and what to do. Thanks for any help

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fretnot Wed 13-Feb-19 00:19:14

I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. After my TFMR I passed two lumps that I would have described that way. White-ish mottled with purple and red areas (sorry if TMI)? They freaked me out massively as I hadn’t experienced them following my (2) previous births. The midwife saw one and told me it was membranes from the womb lining. This was in the days immediately following the birth, however, so it sounds wise for you to get checked out by the doc.

milkjetmum Wed 13-Feb-19 07:33:29

After last year my next period was not normal and I passed a golf ball.sized lump. But all back to usual the next month. It is hard to keep having 'reminders' I think, take care of yourself flowers

kittycat01 Wed 13-Feb-19 23:42:01

@Sallysal777 I also had a miscarriage 6/7 weeks ago and had surgical management. I had terrible contraction like pains last week and passed a large 'thing' on Sunday. I was freaked out and went to the out of hours and they confirmed I had had another miscarriage but I don't believe them as I hadn't had a positive pregnant test. I've googled images of miscarriage at 4 weeks (as that is all I could have been) and it doesn't look anything like what I passed and I'm worried it could be what you're describing. I called my doctor on Monday and demanded further testing but she said no and finally agreed to do a referral for a scan (which could take 3 weeks) but I think I'm going to call up again tomorrow and show them the photo of what I passed and photos online of the gestational trophoblastic neoplasia thing you mentioned. Did you take a photo of the thing you passed? Please let me know how you get on at the doctors xxx

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