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Dropping hcg levels- so many questions & sick of the wait

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Jlee711 Mon 11-Feb-19 20:40:31

Didn’t miss a period but wasn’t feeling well and had sore breasts- SO suggested I take a pregnancy test. It comes back positive. Do two more throughout the day which are positive as well. This was on January 27th.

First day of my last period was January 12th, 2019. And it was a full blown 4 day long period which came right on time according to my Glow app.

OB ordered hcg quant test 1/28- level was 192, which they said put me at the beginning of 4 weeks.

Did another quant test on 1/30- level was 126.

Nurse at OBs office said this indicated a pending miscarriage. I had blood drawn again on 2/4- hcg level was 112.

Fourth hcg quant test was on 2/8 and level was 106. Nurse called today, 2/11, to tell me that “slowly but surely my levels are still going down.”

I have officially missed my first period, now which was due on Friday 2/8. I’m so confused on what this may mean. My next quant test is this Friday 2/15.

I have had light spotting since 1/28 on random but not consecutive days, and no heavy bleeding or cramping.

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